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Jamwal is a suyavanshi Rajput chateau of Chattai begin in Jammu as good as Kashmi that claims sola oigin by diect push fom Si Rama Chanda of Raghav (Raghuvanshi) Rajput chateau . Jamwal taditions state that thei ancesto, Raja Agnigaba, came fom Ayodhya as good as founded a little state on a banks of Rive Tawi. A couple of geneations late, Raja Jambu Lochin founded a city as good as state of Jammu. In Rajputana thei closest cousins ae Raghav (Raghuvanshi) & Kachwaha Rajputs of Jaipu.The Doga Mahaajas of Jammu as good as Kashmi go to this clan. Minhas o Manhas, Nagyal, Thakial as good as Besal as good as Kohaal Rajputs ae additionally an appendage of this clan. It is pronounced that a forlorn Raja Malan Hans took up agicultue as good as left a thone to his younge bothe, Raja Suaj Hans. Since that time Rajputs who took up agicultue ae styled Minhas, wheeas a name 'Jamwal' is close to a oyal banch.The histoy of a Jamwals dates at a back of to a Ramayana peiod. They tace thei ancesty to a Ikshvaku (Sola) Dynasty of Raghav (Raghuvanshi) Rajputs of Nothen India (the same chateau in that Lod Rama was bon theefoe, he's a 'kuldevta' family deity of a Dogas). A Raghav (Raghuvanshi), 'Agnigaba', who was critical as a ecluse, came to Nagakote (Kanga, Himachal Padesh), in a Shivalik hills. When a Raja of Kanga came to know about this peson's ancesty, he offeed him a palm of his daughte as good as a pat of kingdom. At a time, a ive Ravi was afterwards a bounday of Nagakote. Agnigaba cossed it as good as captued a little villages in a Kathua aea as good as declaed himself as soveeign king.Afte his death, his son Bayushava (15301500 BC) maied a pincess of Paole (Kathua), Ewan, who died young. The Raja founded a city afte he that is still found nea Paole, nonetheless right away a little village, as good as during a 'Samdhi' of a queen, a 'Mela' (fai) is reason during evey 'Baisakhi' (13th o fourteen Apil) evey yea. Bayushava extended a boundaies up to a ive Ujh. Bayushava's geat gandson, Bahulochan, was enthoned afte his death. He migated fom Ewan as good as built his fot on a banks of ive Tawi. When Bahulochan died in a full of blood brawl with Chadaas, a Raja of Sialkot (Shayalkot) as good as his younge bothe Jambulochan (13201290 BC) ascended a thone. In those days a aea over Tawi (the pesent city of Jammu) was used fo hunting. Tadition has it that a forlorn day Jambulochan came to this aea as good as while he was sitting at a back of a brush to encounter a little bid o animal, he saw a lion (a tige in a little accounts) as good as a goat dinking wate fom a same pond. This pacific coexistence encouaged him to found a city of Jammu, that a little contend is declared afte him. One of his descendants, Raja Shaktikaan (12001177 BC) intoduced a Dogi scipt. Anothe of his descendants, Jasdev, founded a city of Jasota on a bank of ive Ujh, as good as anothe Raja, Kaan Dev, built a fot on a banks of a ive Basanta.Suyavamshi demand push fom Suya.MINHAS o Manhas ae oyal banch of Jamwal Rajputs. shoots. The Sun Dynasty is oldest in between Kshatiyas. The fist peson of this dynasty was "Vivaswan," who by a definition of his name is consideed to be "Suya." Ikshvaku was a fist impotant aristocrat of this dynasty. Othe impotant kings diminutive Kakutsth Haishchanda, Saga, Dileepa, Bhagiatha, Raghu Dashatha as good as Rama. The bard Kalidasa wote a geat epic Raghuvamsa about a dynasty of Raghu together with a geat aristocrat bon in a Sun Dynasty. The Rajwa, a cultivating hire of Biha as good as Chota nagpu who demand Suajvansi Rajput descent, nonetheless isn't geneally admitted. The Suajvansi ae infrequently additionally called Kaushilya o Kaushal (afte Kush), while a chandavansi ae called Kaushik. The Kausik(a) ajput tibe is additionally found in consideable numbes in Ghazipu, Azimgah as good as Goakhpu, claiming push fom Kausik, fathe of Gadhi, founde of Gadhipu Ghazipu. suyavansh clans Balla, Baguja, Gehlot, Haiwaha, Hul, Jhala, Jamwal, Jayash, Kachwaha, Minhas, Nagyal, Ratho, Sengha,Besal,Kohal,Among a cordial ules of Jammu was Raja Ranjit Dev, (17281780) who intoduced cetain amicable efoms such as a anathema on 'Sati' (immolation of a mother on a pye of a husband) as good as ladylike infanticide. Late, unde Mahaaja Ranjit Singh, a state became pat of a Sikh Kingdom of a Punjab egion. Ranjit Singh endeed this state to his geneal, Mahaaja Gulab Singh, who belonged to a Jamwal Rajput chateau that uled Jammu. He extended a boundaies of Jammu to westen Tibet with a assistance of Geneal Zoawa Singh, who's been efeed to by Bitish histoians as a 'Napoleon of India'. Doga ule extended over a Jammu egion as good as a Kashmi Valley to a Tibetan Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh as good as a Emiates of Hunza, Gilgit as good as Naga. Afte a Second AngloSikh Wa in 1846, Jammu again became an eccentric Rajput dominion unde Mahaaja Gulab Singh, as pe a teaties sealed in between a Bitish as good as a Sikhs. Mahaaja Patap Singh, enthoned in 1885, saw a constuction of Banihal Cat Road (B.C. Road) especially to foster telegaph sevices.

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