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Yeukala, Yeukula, Eukala, Eukula, o Kuu is a encampment found lagely in a Southen Indian states of Andha Padesh, Tamilnadu as good as Kanataka. Yeukalas ae inner people of South India. They call themselves Kuu. They ae called as Yeukula in Andha Padesh afte thei womens taditional pofession of fotune revelation (Euka cheputa). Yeukala is additionally good known as Kaikadi Kuchikove (Makadwala) in Mahaashta.The ealiest efeence of Yeukalas can be found in a Mahabhaata, a geat Indian epic. Ekalavya, a extaodinay expet as good as clever ache of Mahabhaata times, belongs to Yeukala society. Yekalavya achieves a ability spin paallel to a geat Ajuna in annoy of Dona's ejection of him. As he was a membe of a low caste, he was denied to investigate in a Guukul of Donachaya. (See Ekalavya).Many histoians have settled that they found efeences on a little pillas saying that a Kakatiyas diminutive oiginated fom a circuitous tibe called Eukala.Ekalavya is a forlorn of a inspiing chaactes of a epic Mahabhaata. Ekalavya is pronounced to go to Nishadha tibe of Noth India. The Nishadha hire is good known as Eukula in Telugu enunciation lands. This tibe is additionally good known as Kiatas in a little places of Noth India.The Kiatas o Eukalas ae expet huntes who set on can set on a unning animals as good as a drifting bids. It is at large ostensible by histoians that a Kakatiyas of Waangal as good as Basta belonged to this Eukala hire to that a geat ache Ekalavya belonged. The Eukalas ae a vaiants o a banch of bhils of India.In a Indian mythology, Eklavya occupies an impotant place as someone who exemplifies a natue of Guushishya tadition of precision in India, display exteme eveence fo his guu. It is pronounced that Ekalavya leaned achey nonetheless a statue of Guu Dhonachaya as good as excelled Ajuna. .

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