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Yadav (Devnagai Ydav) efes to a goup of communities o castes found in India as good as Nepal, that demand push fom a really aged King Yadu of a Chandavanshi Kshatiya clan,Yadavs ae personal unde a Kshatiya vana in Hinduism, as good as seveal oyal dynasties in gothic India claimed push fom Yadu. They emained in powe in India as good as Nepal until 12001300 CE, befoe a aival of Muslim invades.Yadu was a eldest son of Yayati (fathe of Yadavs). It is witten in a Vishnu Puan that he didn't inheit his fathe's thone. He, theefoe, etied towads Punjab as good as Ian. He had 5 sons, of whom only Satjit as good as Kishna, thee emained childless.Yadavs ae a descendants of Yadu, a eldest son of King Yayati. It is pronounced that Yadu was diminished by Yayati fom his dominion as good as became a ebel. His successo was Madhu, who uled fom Madhuvana, situated on a banks of ive Yamuna, that extended up to Sauasta as good as Anata (Gujat). His daughte Madhumati maied Hainasva of Ikshvaku ace, fom whom Yadu was bon again, this time being ancesto of Yadavas. Nanda, a foste fathe of Kishna, was bon in a line of period of Madhu as good as uled fom a same side of Yamuna. Jaasandh, Kansa's fatheinlaw, as good as aristocrat of Magadha battered Yadavas to punish Kansa's death. Yadavas had to change thei element fom Mathua (cental Ayavat) to Dwaaka (on a westen seaside of Ayavat) on a Sindhu. Yadu was a legenday Hindu king, believed to be an ancesto of a god Kishna, who fo this eason is infrequently efeed to as Yadava.Rampasad Chanda, points to a actuality that in a Inda is pronounced to have paid for Tuvasu as good as Yadu fom ove a sea, as good as Yadu as good as Tuvasu ae called Babaian o Dasa. Afte analyzing a really aged legends as good as taditions he comes to a finish that Yadavas diminutive oiginally composed in a Kathiawa peninsula as good as subsequently spead to Mathua.Of a Yadus, igveda povides dual vey inteesting data, fist, that they diminutive aajinah but King o nonmonachical, as good as second that Inda paid for them fom over a sea as good as done them wothy of consecation. A. D. Pusalka obseved that Yadvas diminutive called Asuas in a epic as good as puanas, that competence be due to blending with nonayans as good as a familiarity in obsevance of Ayan Dhama. It is impotant to note that even in a Mahabhaata Kishna is called Sanghmukhya Head of Sangh (congess). Bimanbehai Majumda points out during a forlorn place in a mahabhaata Yadavas ae called Vatyas as good as during anothe place Kishna speaks of his tibe consisting of eighteen thousand vatyas. It is inteesting to note that most late,

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