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The Vokkaligas (Kannada ) ae an Indian hire o amicable goup found especially in a Old Mysoe Region of southen Kanataka state.In Tamil nadu they ae good known as Okkaliga as good as make use of Gowde as a title.People belonging to Vokkaliga encampment ae good known as Okkalia of Utkala Kingdom. Many moe people of diffeent communities make use of Gowda as suname. Vokkaliga have names such as Gowda, Gowde, Gounde, Reddy, Rao, Naidu as good as Naicke as a pretension afte thei name in a States of Andha Padesh, Kanataka as good as Tamil Nadu as good as these names ae being used in a moden time to brand a goup to that a peson belongsA Gowda, additionally spelled Gowdau o Gauda o Nayaka( Head / Chief) isn't a name of any caste. Gowda is a leade of a goup o conduct of teitoy. The Gowdas demand to be landlods as good as encampment conduct group as good as ae good known to be a drawn out as good as poweful peson in a encampment in a past, as good as times have altered as good as right away eveyone is consideed as consecutive to in a villages.Vokkaliga Gowdas ae good known fo thei agicultual activities as good as ecoded pospeity nonetheless cultivation. The common observant Gowda chennagiddae oou Chennagiuthe equates to "When a Gowda is happy a total encampment is happy". This implies a highlight of a goup in between a socioeconomic goups.The Yelahankanadu (14&160km (8.7&160mi) fom Bangaloe) Pabhus diminutive Gowdas o tilles of a Land. They belonged to Moasu Vokkalu sect, a ancestos of that diminutive migants. Fouth in period fom Rana Bhaiave Gowda, founde of a dynasty of Avati Nadu Pabhus as good as geat gandson of Jaya Gowda, who determined sepaate dynasty, is a critical Yelahanka Nadu Pabhus, Kempe Gowda I who uled fo 46 yeas commencing his for example fom 1513. Jaya Gowda ostensible a soveeignty of a Vijayanaga empeo.The Gangadika/Gangatka Ganga kshatiyas Gowdas diminutive a Vokklaigas in othe pats of Kanataka. The name Gangadikaa, that is deived fom a wod Gangawadikaa, definition a ancient of Gangawadi is a elic of Ganga Dynasty Rule as good as has given suvived in this pat of Kanataka. The gangadikas ae spead in a disticts of Bangaloe, Ramanaga, Bangaloe ual, Tumku, Mysoe, Hassan, Mandya.

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