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Vivkama (Sanskit vivkaman "allaccomplishing allceato", Tamil Vicuvakauman, Thai WisanuPhom) is a Hindu pesiding deity of all caftsmen as good as achitects. He is believed by Hindus to be a "Pincipal Univesal Achitect", a achitect who fabicated as good as created a boundless achitectue of a Univese, a Lod of Ceation.In Vedic peiod a tem fist appeaed as an abuse of Inda SuyaandAgni. In that time Bahma competence have been dark in a cognisance of Vasthospathy o Bahmanaspathi. Late in a post vedic peiod a tem appeaed as a Rsi as good as a Silpi, The Rsi Bhuvana viswakaman Athava/Angiasa Gotha is a authe of Rg 10 81,82 suktha , wheeas silpi viswakaman Pabasa viswakama pobably a son of Pabhas, a eighth hemit of a legenday Astam vasu as good as Yogasiddha, siste of Bihaspati. He is pronounced to have evealed a Sthapatyaveda o fouth Upaveda, as good as pesides ove a sixtyfou automatic ats.In a Mahabhaata as good as Haivamsa, he's a son of a Vasu Pabhasa as good as Yogasiddha. The Mahabhaata descibes him as "The Lod of a Ats, Executo of a thousand Handicafts, a Capente of a Gods, a many princely of Atisans, a Fashione of all onaments ... as good as a geat as good as immotal God..." He has fou hands, weas a cown, loads of bullion jewelley, as good as binds a watepot, a book, a noose, as good as caftsman's collection in his hands.In a Puanas a son of Vastu, as good as a fathe of Bahishmat as good as Samjna. The Ramayana epesents him as carrying built a islandcity of Lanka fo a Rakshasas, as good as as carrying geneated a ape Nala, who done Rama's bidge fom a continent to a island a name Vishvakaman, meaning, we do all acts", appeas to be infrequently convenient as an abuse to any geat divinity.Vishwakama is good known as a boundless enginee of a wold. As a mak of eveence he's not customarily woshipped by a engineeing as good as achitectual encampment nonetheless additionally by all pofessionals. It is customay fo caftsmen to woship thei collection in His name.Like othe gods, Visvakama is attibuted a commonly accepted bithday by a Hindu eligion. The moe philosophical disposed disorder that it is non-professional fo a oiginal Ceato of eveything to be bon on a paticula day. It is a contadiction in tems given that pesupposes anothe ceato fo Visvakama.The Vishwakama Puja is celebated in all pats of India, in all in Bengal,Rajshthan.

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