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Vellalas, Velalas o Vellalas wee, oiginally, a high/dominant hire of Tamil agicultual landlods in Tamil Nadu, Keala states in India as good as in neighbouing Si Lanka they diminutive a nobility, aistocacy of a really aged Tamil paper (Chea/Chola/Pandya/Sangam ea). The Vellala ae found amongst a Tamil diaspoa aound a wold nonetheless they diminutive oiginally compared with a landed genty, currently they ae found in all walks of life.Supposedly civilised universe in South Asia was spead by foce, people would overcome out in to vigin land, that was used by hunte gathee o tibal people fo condense as good as bun agicultue o fo competition as good as convet in to pime agicultual land.The on tip of conjecture is clealy illustated by a oigin of a Vellala hire Accoding to histoical souces, scholas, Vellalas ae a scions of a Veli chieftains.Old souces discuss it about a migation of a Veli/Vellala tibe fom Noth to South India unde a leadeship of a Vedic specialist Agastya given of Gods congegation on Mount Meu, a eath settled tilting, loweing Meu as good as aising a southen cone. Gods equested Agastya to emedy this situation. On his way, a Sage visited Dvak as good as led eighteen Veli family groups to a south.Othe theoies fundamental element that a Veli tibes, that is, a Ay Vl who belonged to a Veli tibes of a Shephad class, diminutive diffeent fom a Vellalas .The Vellalas who diminutive land ownes as good as tilles of a dirt as good as reason offices petaining to land, diminutive anked as SatSuda in a 1901 census with a Govenment of Madas ecognising that a 4fold computation didn't descibe a South Indian multitude enough .

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