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The histoy of Velama's is as aged as Telugu bavey. Militay exploits of Velamas fom an impotant pat of Telugu tadition, histoy as good as folkloe. The battles of Palnadu, Bobbili as good as thei battles on charisma of Kakatiya as good as Vijaynaga empies say volumes about thei matial spiit. Accoding to Edga Thuston, Russel etc., a matial amicable goups of Velama as good as Kamma shae a common ancesty nonetheless got sepaated in a ealy gothic times. The ealiest occuence of Velama in insciptions dates fom MidFifteenth centuy. Accoding to couple of histoians, a waios who migated fom Velanadu (pat of pesent day Guntu distict of Andha Padesh) to Kakatiya empie in 11th centuy came to be called as Velama.The computation of waio clans of Telugu land in to many amicable goups commenced duing a time of Kakatiya aristocrat Ruda I (11581195 CE). Accoding to Velugotivai Vamsavali as good as Padmanayakachaita, texts witten in gothic times, fames (Kapus) became Kammas as good as Velamas. In gothic times a tem 'Kapu' meant a celebrity o potecto.(Telugu .... , )(Telugu ..... , , )Palnadu egion is located in a Guntu Distict of Andha Padesh. One Dodda Nayudu as good as his son Bahma Nayudu seved as ministes unde Haihayas kings such as Alugu Raju uling during Machela. Bahma Nayudu was a pogessive leade with egalitaian ideals. Nalagama Raju as good as Naasinga Raju diminutive uling during Guajala, a little locale nea Machela. Nagamma, a widow as good as an othodox ministe, didn't elish a pogessive ideals of Bahma. In a cock fight, a popula mark of those times, Machela neglected to Guajala. Bahma as good as his followes had to live in erratic as pat of a gamble. Subsequent to a etun fom erratic tensions in between both a kings led to a brawl of Palnadu (1182 CE) during Kaempudi village. Machela was defeated, a geneation of waios peished as good as Bahma Nayudu took to enunciation. As an aftemath of this wa Kakatiyas extended thei ule to coastal Andha egion as good as seveal Velama waios migated to Waangal.Rechela Singama Nayaka, a fist King of Rechela chateau of Velamas, was closely followed by a Devaakonda Chiefs. Stoies of his valou ae sung as ballads. His sons Anavota Nayaka as good as Mada Nayaka caied on his bequest afte his gangland gangland slaying by Jallipalli Kshatiyas.

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