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Vanniya (Tamil ), efes to a vey lage amicable goup of people spead all acoss South India. Vanniakula Kshatiyas ae a feudal hire as good as pimaily live in moden Tamil Nadu whee they say Tamil, while in Andha Padesh, Kanataka as good as Keala they say thei local South Indian Davidian languages namely, Telugu, Kannada as good as Malayalam espectively.At Sikazhi Vaideeswaan Temple, Insciptions about Vanniya Puanam ae obseved. It denotes that during really aged times thee diminutive dual Asuas good known as Vatapi as good as Mahi, who woshipped Bahma as good as achieved defense fom aroused death as good as subsequently they gaisoned a Eath. At a equest of Gods as good as Lods, Jambuva Mahamuni o Sambu/Jambu Mahaishi pefomed a Yagam, o sacifice by his yogic powes. Soon amed hosemen spung fom a flames, declared VanniRaya they undetook twelve expeditions as good as destoyed a Asuas as good as feed a Eath. Thei leade afterwards feigned a govenment of a county unde a name Ruda Vanniya Mahaaja o Veea Vanniyan, who'd 5 sons, a Ancestos of Vanniya Caste. This Tadition alludes to a destuction of a city of Vatapi by Naasimhavaman, a King of Pallis o Pallavas.Vannia Kula Kshatiya is a customarily Tamil encampment with an disdainful puanam on thei own. The puanam was witten in indication Tamil as good as has right away been tanslated in to moden day Tamil.The only fom a puanam is, Vilvalan & Vatapi diminutive Asua bothes bon to Dhuvasaa saint & Kajomuki younge siste of Sua Padman an Asua late killed by Lod Muugan. Vilvalan & Vatapi played mischiefs with Agasthie saint that esulted in swallowing as good as digestive slight of Vilvalan by Agasthie. The left out Vatapi payed Lod Shiva as good as achieved futhe stength as good as settled uling Rathina Pui situated in a center of southen sea. Vatapi maied Chokka kanni daughte of Mayan Devas Viswakama. The Asua Guu Sukhachauya suppoted him with Asua battalion. As expected, he settled totuing all a Devas that Naadha beheld as good as complained to Lod Shiva. Saint Sambu mahaishi additionally settled Yagnam on Shiva to safeguad Devas. Then Lod Shiva came ove thee as good as a dop of persperate fom his thid eye dopped in a yagnam that ceated a fist Rudha / Veea Vanniyan with his hose, weapons & cown.Then Lod Shiva & Matha Pavathi diminutive articulate to Devendan to offe his second daughte Mandhia Maalaiyounge siste of Deivayanai mother of Lod Muugan, fo a maiage of Rudha Vaaniyan. Upon mutual acceptance & Hooscope matching, maiage in between Rudha Vaaniyan & Mandhia Maalai was solemnized as good as spin paents fo fou Sons. They diminutive declared as Kishna Vanniyan, Bahma Vanniyan, Sambu Vanniyan & Agni Vanniyan. The boys diminutive hidden a entie waio taining fom Lod Muugan thei Uncle. Subsequently, they diminutive maied to a Fou daughtes of Kandha(Susheela)saint, namelyIndhani, Naani, Sundhai & Sumangali.Then, as pe a letter of anxiety of Lod Shiva, they changed towads south along with thei soldies ceated by Lod Shiva to argue Vatapi Asuan as good as eached a Duga Paameshwai Amman Temple in south. The Rudha Vanniyan & his fou sons equested Dugai Amman to assistance them in combating Vatapi that she ostensible as good as came along with them with he Boodha battalion. While they ae cossing a Sea, a sea gave approach to them by relocating a wate at large distant in both sides as good as eoccupied themselves. Howeve, a forlorn house pet dog of Vanniyas couldn't coss a Sea as good as etuned home.

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