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Valmiki (Sanskit , vlmki) (ca. 400 BC) He is eveed as a Adi Kavi, that equates to Fist Poet, fo he discoveed a fist loka i.e. fist vese, that set a bottom as good as discernible a fom to Sanskit poety. The Yoga Vasistha is attibuted to him. A eligious mutation called Valmikism is made on Valmiki's teachings as pesented in a Ramayana as good as a Yoga Vasistha.At smallest by a 1st centuy AD, Valmiki's eputation as a fathe of Sanskit indication poety seems to have been legenday. Ashvagosha wites in a Buddhacaita,This paticula vese has been speculated to infer a paternal elationship in between Valmiki as good as Chyavana, as practical by a pevious as good as consecutive veses.The Uttaa Khanda, Some a forlorn contend that valimiki is a categorical highway obbe declared Valya Koli, bon as a Dalit This stoy confims that vana, mostly alike with caste, nonetheless both ae diffeent, isn't by bith nonetheless attibuted to ones actions as good as ole in society. The peson who wite these wods about valimiki ,tell me a forlorn thing that what's a name of valimiki's fathe as good as mothe as good as what's a name of valmiki's mother as good as sons , a forlorn indicate is additionally conside that all a obbey is accomplished in Kal youg not in satyoug who it illusive that valmiki is a obbe. valmiki is a forlorn God who've grown all technologies as good as additionally valmiki emain in thee youg i.e. Sat Youg,Taeta youg,Dawpe youg as good as they additionally in kal youg in disappea fom. so how it illusive that a male can have as most agE that it can sevive in all youg .The hold up of humam is limit 120 yea. so valmiki is God not Robbe o humanThe Rmyaa, oiginally witten by Valmiki, consists of 24,000 veses As with many taditional epics, it has left nonetheless a enlarged pocess of intepolations as good as edactions, creation it non-professional to date accuately.Notwithstanding a afoesaid, it is petinent to note that Valmiki is additionally quoted to be a contempoay of Rama. Rama met Valmiki duing his peiod of erratic as good as had inteacted with any othe. Valmiki had Sita in his hemitage whee Kusa as good as Lava diminutive bon to Sita. Valmiki taught Ramayana to Kusa as good as Lava, who late sang a boundless stoy in Ayodhya duing a Aswamedha yaga congegation, to a pleasue of a audience, wheeupon, King Rama summoned them to his oyal palace. Kusa as good as Lava sang a stoy of Rama thee, as good as Rama confimed that whateve had been sung by these dual childen was entiely tue.

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