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Vaishya, (vi shia) additionally good known as Vaisya, Vanika o Vysyas, is a forlorn of a fou vanas (social ode) of Hinduism. Accoding to Vedic tadition, this paper pimaily compises mechants, cattlehedes as good as atisans.The Vaisya encampment embody of seveal Jtis, definitely a Agawals, a Khandelwals, a Mathus, a Oswals, Aoas, Rastogis, Lohanas as good as a Maheshwais of a noth a Aya Vysyas of a south as good as a Ambanis, Saabhais, Beesa Neema, Dasa Neema, Dasoe, Paekhs as good as Patidas of a west. Some jtis ae of churned heitage. Fo example, accoding to legend, a Agawals tace thei oigin to a Kshatiya Sun Dynasty who late adopted Vaisya tadition. Khandelwals as good as Banwals ae similaly fom Kshatiya backgound as good as thei embracing a equates to of Vaishya Dhama is of elatively ecent oigins, pobably no moe than a thousand yeas.Vaishyas in many of a county come unde a fowad castes. In Biha as good as Jhakhand, Baniya come unde OBCs given of a trade incident thee.In Keala Vanika Vaisya has aound moe than fifteen lakhs as good as they come unde OBCs

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