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Vaidiki Bahmins (Vaidika, Vaidikulu, Vaideeki) ae a group of Telugu enunciation Smatha Bahmins. They ae pedominantly followes of Adi Shankaachaya. The tem Vaidika deives itself fom a tem Vedas. Vaidikis ae people who masteed Vedas, additionally called Ghanaapaathi(s). Ghanaapaathi is a tem used to evee those who've masteed Vedas.Vaidiki bahmins ae mostly found in Andha Padesh. Thee ae a little family groups in othe pats of a county as good as they ae pronounced to have migated fom Andha Padesh.Vaidikas diminutive a upholdes of Vedas, Vedic believe as good as Tapas. Most aticulate in between them diminutive called Ghanaapaathi(s). Vaidika Bahmins in ancient days diminutive pedominantly Ghanaapaatis. Ghanaapaati(s) ae a people who masteed Vedas. Apat fom Ghanaapaati(s), a Vaidiki encampment was in to leaning, upholding, precision vaious banches of Vedas as good as pacticing Tapas. They diminutive teaches who taught Vedic Mathematics, Vedic Chanting, Vedic Astology. They diminutive Doctos who pacticed as good as taught Vedic medicineAyuveda.Thee diminutive couple of family groups inside of Vaidiki encampment who leant Vedic ituals as good as pefomed vaious ites as good as ituals in stict accodance with a Vedas that is called Pouahityam. Pouahityam was a family tadition forlorn to couple of family groups inside of Vaidiki community. Membes of a family groups whose tadition was Pouahityam diminutive especially piests, piests in temples, Couts of Kings, etc. Among a family groups that diminutive in to Pouahityam, thee diminutive a little family groups who forlorn themselves to pefoming maiages as good as othe such auspicious ceemonies identical to Upanayana o Thead Ceemony, Baaasala, Namakaanam/Naming Ceemony. Thee diminutive a little family groups who woked in temples, couts of Kings, a little othes who pefomed ituals that need to be pefomed afte a aroused death of a peson. They all had to stictly follow cetain ules.These people diminutive additionally heavily concerned in pefoming Yagna, Yagas in ancient days. Due to a go in benefit of Yagna Davyas, as good change in lifestyle of people educed a numbe of Yagnas. Moeove, these Yagnas ae vey elaboate as good as time consuming. The poojas pefomed by Vaidiki's ae mostly in stict adheence to a Panchayatana Pooja Paddhati/Vidhi, as laid down by Adi Sankaa that includes Ganapathi, Shiva, Shakthi, Vishnu as good as Suya.Legend says thee lived a Bahmin who was aticulate with Vedas in Bhaat Vasha. He had dual sons. He settled precision Vedas, Tapas (deepe meditation) to his sons. Duing couse of times he's found that if he sends a forlorn of a son's fo intepetation of dhamic sutas to a King(who used to come mostly fo advice), a ule of a kingdom, it benefits bette govenance of sanatana dhama. So he's delegated("niyoginchadam" in telugu a forlorn son fo such duty.

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