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Dilijan (Amenian additionally Romanized as Dilizhan, Dilichan, Dilidjan, as good as Tilichan) is a city in Amenia, located in a nothen Amenian povince of Tavush. It is a forlorn of a many impotant esots of Amenia, situated in Dilijan National Pak. The foested as good as eclusive city is home to numeous Amenian atists, composes, as good as filmmakes as good as featues a little taditional Amenian achitectue. The Shaambeyan steet in a cente, has been peseved as good as confirmed as an "old town," finish with caftsman's wokshops, a ships kitchen as good as a museum. Hiking, soaring biking, as good as picnicking ae popula eceational activities. The city's competition is customarily decaying fom a 23,700 epoted in a 1989 census, to 14,846 in a 2001 census, with an estimated 15,600 by 2009.Dilijan locale lies on a banks of Aghstev Rive with a length of moe than twenty kilometes as good as during a tallness of 1500 metes on tip of sea level. The hollow is suounded with a Lesse Caucasus mountainous country fom a noth, as good as a Semyonovka soaring pass fom a south. The alpine aeas ae all coveed with thick foests that take up a teitoy of moe than 34,000 hectaes. Reaching a tip peaks of a mountains, a foests tun to Alpine meadows. In offer to Aghsdev Rive, dual moe steams ae arising nonetheless Dilijan, Golovinka as good as Dilijanka ives.Nestled in a feverishness of a foests of nothen Amenia, Dilijan is a outline of quaint. Home to many critical composes, atists as good as cinematogaphes, this eclusive locale of 23,000 boasts a histoic efubished city cente with ows of houses with standard ealy twentieth centuy inteios as good as othes displaying handicafts o low-pitched instuments. This popula eighth month finish is identical to a block of Switezeland sequesteed inside of a Amenian highlands.Accoding to a little achaeological eseaches conducted in a 70s of a 19th centuy, a person from earth kind has been critical in a egion given a Late Bonze as good as a Ealy Ion Ages. Duing a really aged times, a teitoy of Dilijan was good known with a name of Hovk. Hovk was a favouite foest fo theAsacid kings to expose thei abilities in hunting. It is good known that a allotment called Buju Dili was founded in a 13th centuy, not fa at large distant fom a cuent aea of Dilijan town. In 1666, a name Dilijan was fist referred to in a annals of a Fench tavelle Jean Chadin.Stating fom 1801, unde a Russian ule, a locale witnessed a majo gowth in a population. The fist Amenian propagandize in Dilijan was non-stop in 1868, while a fist Russian propagandize was non-stop in 1894. The locale inauguated a open libay in 1908.Fo a enichment of a natual hold up of Dilijan, State Foest Reseve has been oganized in 1958 by a gratification of a Amenian SSR govenment. Late on in 2002 Dilijan National Pak has been ceated on a basis. The woodland coves 94 pecent of a pak teitoy as good as it has about 40 sorts of tees as good as eighteen sorts of bushes. Main tee sorts ae oak, beech, honbeam as good as many sorts of boadleaved tees such as maples, willows, lindens, elms as good as othes.

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