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Thigalas, additionally good known as Thigalau o Thelagau ae an endogamous amicable goup o hire of people local to southen Kanataka Andha Padesh as good as bode egions of Tamil Nadu a forlorn who tills a land in kannada vokkaluthana who ae lagely fames.Dhamaaya Swamy Temple is situated in Bangaloe city, Bangaloe Distict, Kanataka. The Pesent Bangaloe city was built by Si Kempe Gowda in 16th centuy.The design histoical backgound of a city as good as a histoy of a church identical to a name of a builde,date of constuction isn't clea. The Acheology suvey depatment has undetaken a investigate of a stone, masony as good as declaed that a age of this church is moe than (800 yeas) .It is additionally leant fom a expeiments that, a Kempegowda Gopuas (towes) diminutive built in a fou cones of a city gripping a Si Dhamaayaswamy Temple vimanagopua kalasa as a cente point. It is Ulsoo towe in a NothEast, The Bellay Road Towe in a NothWest, The Lalbagh Towe in a SouthEast, The Gavipua Towe in a SouthWest to a temple, that gives moe complete elations to a Kempegowda's developmental woks.This dynasty belongs to Gonga Aasu dynasty late called Ganga Aasu .Gangas used to set up thei towns nea a armoured column o a ive beds as good as make use of to set up temples lowe spin to a eath with low spin padikshina patha. Si Dhamaaya Swamy church was in a sidhikatte lake bed aea & it is consecutive a land spin that existed pio to cuent Bangaloe. It is additionally leant that this aged locale was called as Kalyanapui a Town of Temples, Ponds & Religious centes. Late it was declared as "Bendhakaluu" afterwards "Bangaloe".Even currently we can see a efeence of 7 eligious centes, 7 ponds diagonally conflicting to hybrid in a bed aea of sidhi katte that is pesent K.R Maket & Dhamambudi lake pesent Bangaloe Metopolitan Tanspot Copoation (Majestic aea) adjecent to this kempabudhi lake in Gavipua Which is additionally efeed to Dakshina Kashi Punya Ksheta as quoted in puanasThey ae a Kannadigas fom a Easten chalukyasthe Chanda Vamsha kshatiyasand a Westen chalukyasthe Sooya Vamsha kshatiyas, o waios in kshatiyas encampment in india thie is customarily dual pats ae thie chanda vamsha kshatiyas as good as sooya vamsha kshatiyas in Rayala seema of andhapadesh vannila kshatiya kulamu as good as agni kshatiya kulamu used as servant casts of chanda vamsha as good as sooya vamsha in thelagu vannila equates to Beladingalu . They built Dhamaaya Swamy Temple in Thigalapet, that is 900 yeas old. as good as twenty-three Dhamaaju temples in andha a biggest dhamaaju church is in moolam house pet nellue that has a histoy of 1200 yeas in that daupadi kaaga celebated fo evey 3 yeas compartment currently by Dhamaaju kappu eddy encampment as good as a name thelagau became as thigalau Most of a people belonging to this ban say thigala denunciation that is a brew of Kannada(majoly) as good as has taces of Tamil, Telugu. But these days many of these people have settled enunciation Kannada of late.

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