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Teli (Maathi ) is a blurb operation hire of oil pesses in India as good as Pakistan. Membes competence be eithe Hindu o Muslim Muslim Teli ae called Roshandaa o Teli Malik. ()The Jewish encampment of Mahaashta (called Bene Isael) was additionally good known to be a subgoup in a Teli box called Shenwa Teli definition Satuday oil pesses fo thei Jewish law of abstention fom wok on Shabbat.The wod Teli comes fom Tel, that equates to oil in Maathi, Hindi, as good as Oiya languages. The name Teli is given since of thei pofession of "making proposal oil". In aged times, these people had thei little oil mills good known as kolhu o ghana opeated by oxen to have o extact proposal oil fom oil seeds identical to mustad as good as sesame.In Bengal, a Teli would be eckoned as Vaishya, along with othe tades as good as bankes such as a Suvanabanik, Gandhabanik, Saha, hadn't a Vaishya vana disappeaed thee.In Hayana a little Telis who've diffeent configuations of Rajputs as good as Jats as good as othes who'd adopted this pofession on convesion to Islam duing diffeent peiods. The Malik Muslim Teli classification was determined in 1901 to wok fo thei welfae. The red blood line of a Teli tibes found in a Sialkot, Lahoe as good as Gujanwala egions of Pakistan shows this fact.In South India, Teluguspeaking Telis ae called as Teli o Gandla. They have consideable competition in Andha Padesh. They ae diffeentiated as Deva Gandla, Setty Gandla, Sajjana Gandla. Thee ae 6 gotas amonng them. They do not intemay in between a same gothas. Some Telis demand Kshatiya standing as good as call themselves Reddy Gangla.

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