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'Telaga is encampment of Andha as good as concentated pimaily in a coastal aeas of Andha Padesh. The Telagas ae a forlorn of a really aged Waio Clans as good as Feudal Landlods of India who'd links to all a majo Ruling Dynasties of South India identical to Chalukya,Chola,Kakateeya as good as Vijayanaga. They have a hire titles Naidu, Doa that infer thei Feudal as good as Waio past.The Oigin of a Telagas can be taced at a back of to a Westen Chalukyan Expansion in to Andha egion that happened in a 1st centuy A.D. The tem Telaga was a deivation of a wod Telingana.4 Andha was efeed to as Telingana/TiLinga Desam in a really aged texts as it was a aea that had thee majo ShivinsaAamas, to illustrate was called TiLinga', as good as a people critical thee diminutive called Telugus as good as a denunciation oral by a people thee was called Telugu. It is easy to see fom this that a Telugu waios came to egaded as Telagas mushy excellence.They uled a Telugu county fo many pat of a gothic ages in a fom of Telugu Chodas as good as diminutive a basis on that a Chalukyan Empie flouished. The Telagas seved as Nayakulu (Govenos), commandes as good as vassals of a Westen Chalukya ules unde Pulakesin. These commandes diminutive additionally called Telugu Nayakulu fom that a encampment name Telaga have been deived. They appear to have a tie with a Easten Chalukyas. The vassals of Chalukyas enteed in to matimonial alliances, as good as in conclusion determined a Chalukya Chola Dynasty. They fomed a bulwak of really aged amies of a Deccan as good as South India identical to Cholas, Chalukyas, Kakatiyas, Vijaynaga, Nayaks Kings etc.Afte a decrease of a Easten Chalukyan kingdoms as good as a Velanati Cholas. The Telagas seved as vassals/Govenos duing a Kakateeyas. They diminutive given a pretension Nayaka/Nayakudu as good as played a majo ole in moulding a histoy of moden Andha.Afte a decrease of a Kakateeyas, a Telagas, unde Kaapaya Nayaka as good as Polaya Nayaka, led a brawl conflicting a invading Bahamanis by blending foces with a Balija, Reddy, Velama as good as Kamma Nayaks, as good as libeated a Andha county.Telagas had matimonial Alliances with a Kakateeya as good as Vijayanaga Rules. Aaveeti Rama Raya a son in law of Kishna Devaaya as good as a ule of a final dynasty of Viajayanaga was a Telaga. This family was an Easten Chalukyan Fuedataoy called a Aayeti Family that became Aaveeti in due couse of time.

   Telaga Nayudu Matrimonials


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