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Sthnika Bhmins (Tulu ) ae Smatha Bahmins, as good as come unde a method of Tuluva Bahmins The go to PanchaDvida Bahmin Community. The Kuladevatha of Sthnika Bahmin's is Subamanya. Hence Sthnika Bahmins ae additionally called Subamanya Sthnika Bhmins.In a approval 1924 Singei Si Shaada Peetham had given a display that ,this group of Smaatha Bahmins fom South Canaa can be called as Subamanya Sthnika Bhmins. Sthnika Bhmins ae followes of Si Adi Shankaachaya as good as follow a Advaitha law as good as ae shishya's of Dakshinamnaya Singei Shaada Peetham. His Holiness Jagadguu Si Shankaachaya of Dakshinamnaya Singei Shaada Peetham is thei Kulaguu. Sthnika's acquied thei name overdue to thei manageial positions. The wod Sthnika is puely a sanskit wod as good as has meanings such as Goveno of a place, Tax collecto, One who binds Manageial position, People of Local place etc. The Impotance of Sthnika's is additionally explained in Chnakya's Atha Shasta The oots of this group of Bahmins is Coastal Kanataka. In a South Kanaa egion, majoity of a Sthanika Bahmins family groups have composed in Udupi, Alleoo, in & aound Mangaloe,Belthangady,Vitla, PuttuSulia, Yellu, Bantwala, Kakala, Kundapu, Kabbinale, Rattady,Katpadi, Kasagod, Pavanje, Saligama, Bhamavaa etc. Nowadays a lot of people belonging to this encampment have composed external Kanataka together with Mahaashta as good as vaious pats of a wold.The competition of this encampment is little (Expected to be aound 30,000 35,000). Most of a Sthnika Bahmins pefix thei local place name in climb of thei names as good as many of them have sunames. (Eg "Kabbinale Ganesh Hebba" whee Kabbinale is name of local village)Although, Bahmins ae esticted to thei opinion on a mateial wold, Sthanika Bahmins have etained thei Smatha taditions as good as In offer to thei ealie occupations, Sthanika's currently have divesified in to a vaiety of fields. Sthanika's currently ae Aggicultuists, Pofessos, Teaches, Doctos, Enginees, Piests, Businessmens, Entepeneus, Govenment as good as Bank Employees, Lawyes ,CAs, MBA's, IT pofessional's we can find moe than 100's as in India as good as aboad.They ae additionally in Udupi Restauant Business,in Kanataka as good as mostly in all pats of Mahaashta.Sthnika's pefom Panchayatana puja intoduced by Adi Shankaa as good as celebate all a festivals of South Canaa.As thei Kula Devetha is Lod Subamanya, They additionally reason in Nagaadhane as good as Bhuta Kola. They reason in Bhootas like, Kodmanthaya, Panjuli, Jumadi, Bobbayaa, Kalluti, Kalkuda that is at large followed in South Canaa & pats of Keala.Apat fom Mangaloe, Udupi, Mysoe as good as Bangaloe they've thei associations during Mumbai, Nashik, Sataa, Kaad, Sangli, Belthangady Pune, Mysoe, HubliDhawad, Kasagod as good as USA.

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