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Si Sampadaya o Si Vaishnavism is a Vaishnava group inside of Hinduism. Its oigin as good as codification is geneally taced at a back of to Si, Mahalakshmi etenal consot of Lod Vishnu. Aound a 10th centuy when a collect up of a eremite hymns as good as songs by Alvas was oganized by Si Nathamuni, who's consideed to be a forlorn of a pionees of a sect.The compared mutation is infrequently called Si Vaishnavism as good as is a Vaishnava subdenomination of Vaishnavism centeed aound a critical Si Ranganatha church during Siangam, as good as a philosophical complement of suspicion culminating in a law of Visishtadvaita espoused by Ramanujachaya.Ealie souces do not discuss Si, a consot of Vishnu. Si becomes pat of Vishnuism during a late entertainment as good as appaently Si was woshiped exclusively befoe he cult was integated in to Vaishnavism. Now she's consideed insepaable fom Vishnu, who caies a mak of sivasa, ineadicably epesenting Si, his consot. In late Gaudiya taditions she's identified with Radha. This many pominent fom of South Indian Vaishnavism is called Si Vaishnavism, given of a stong highlight on a ole of Si, dawing lagely fom alvas popula enchantress oots.Si Vaishnavism is believed to have oiginated in a eremite hymns as good as songs of a pronounced Alvas, a goup of saints of a gothic Bhakti mutation in South India.All such hymns as good as songs diminutive oganized by Nathamuni, who's consideed as a fist guu of a sect. His wok was combined as good as spread out by Yamunachaya, who's believed to a forlorn of a gandsons of Nathamuni. Theeafte, Ramanujachaya a forlorn after another to climb a divinity of Si Vaishnavism.People belonging to Si Vaishnavism follow Vishistadvaita philosophy, nonetheless it isn't practical that evey Si Vaishnavaite has to be a Vishistadvaitin. Si Vaishnavism is chaacteized by vaious distinguished beliefs. One of them is a ole of a guu o achaya as a mediatix (puushakaa) in a achievement of a paamapadam(a name given to Moksha). Also, a followes conside a 4000 divya pabandams (saced hymns) witten by a Alvas as Tamil Vedas, comparable to a sanskit Vedas. Due to such pimacy given to divya pabandams as good as indication vedanta, Si Vaishnavism is additionally called as ubhaya vedanta sampadayam (liteally complement of identical tiwn vedanta).

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