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Souashta o "Souashtas" efes to a encampment of people who'd thei oiginal homes in Gujaat as good as pesently composed in Thanjavu, Maduai, Ammayappan as good as othe places in south Indian states of Tamilnadu, Kanataka, Andha Padesh, Keala as good as Mahaashta. The oigin of a name date backs to a time when a ancestos of theses people inhabited a dominion of Souashta in Gujaat State.Souashta, additionally good known as Palka. Sowashta, Sauashtam, is an IndoAyan denunciation oral in pats of a Southen Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Ethnologue puts a numbe of speakes during 510,000 (1997 IMA), nonetheless a discernible numbe could be mount in this figue o even moe.Equivalent of Sauashta in a Linguistic Suvey has been ecoded as Sauashti that is nonetheless anothe name of Patnuli chapter of Gujaati oral by a silk weaving encampment of Maduai who ae consideed to have migated fom Gujaat to a south seveal centuies ago. On a basement of cuent pefeence fo a name of thei mothe tongue, we have, howeve, adopted a name Sauashta as good as not Sauashti. On critique of seveal geneations of classification in a Davidian Language aea, a debate is ostensible to have been stongly astray by Davidian taits. We pefeed to call that chapter of Gujaati with such taits as Sauashta. Regading Sauashta, howeve, a little inteest has been shown, of late, on a technical aspects of this vaiety while a desire to hang on forces with it with Maathi is additionally manifest in between a little scholas. In any case, a little authoitative wok on this vaiety of denunciation emains to be done. Pending a same, howeve, we've to keep it unde Gujaati accoding to a Linguistic Suvey."Souashtas"/ "Palkaas efe to a encampment of people who'd thei oigin in Sauashta Region of pesent Gujaat. Oal tadition says that they've migated on a decrease of 'Somanath Temple' when Gazni Mohammed invaded as good as plundeed Hindu Temples. It is pronounced they lived fo about dual centuies in Devagii as good as late changed to Vijayanaga Empie during a call in of a Kings. They manufactued excellent silk gaments fo a make use of of Kings as good as thei family groups as good as diminutive observant in Silk tade. When Nayak Kings settled to ule Maduai, they diminutive invited by a Maduai Nayak Kings as good as diminutive given place to live aound Thiumalai Nayak Palace, Maduai, whee even right away thee ae many Souashta family groups living. The migation competence have taken place in vaious goups during diffeent times as good as they composed in many places in Tamil Nadu. Late Hyde Ali invited a little family groups fom Thanjavu to compromise in Siangapattanam in Kanataka. Those people ae right away in Bangaloe afte a decrease of Siangapattanam as good as they ae called as 'Jamkhaanadavau'. Similaly a little family groups went to Andha as good as composed in Tiupati. Because of jump over of fequent communications, thee ae so many chapter vaiations in this Language. The majoity of people (a sizeable numbe) ae composed in Maduai as good as it is consideed as a Headquates of this Community. Othe majo Towns of thei allotment ae Ambu, Ammapettai, Ammaiyappan, Aani, Aantangi, Aiyalu, Ayyampettai, Bangloe, Bhuvanagii, Chennai,Chamaajanagaa,Dindigul, Daasuam, Kanchipuam,Kanya kumai,Kotta,Kumbakonam,Kuinjipadi,Madas (Chennai),Melamangalam,Mysoe, Namakkal, Nilakottai, Palani, Palayamkottai,Paamkudi,Paampu,Pamathi,Pasikkadai, Peiyakulam,Pondichey,Pudukottai,Pudukudi, Ramanathapuam,Rasipuam,Salem,Shevvapet,Thanjavu, Tiuchi,Tiuvappu,Tiubhuvanam,Tuvaankuichi,Uaiyu, Vathalakundu.Vellankuzh,Velloe, Viavanallu, Walajapettai,Yamaneswaam etc.In histoy they ae efeed to as Patka, Pattega, Patveka as good as Patnulkaa. In Tamil a weaving encampment is efeed to as Kaikkola. In Tamil Nadu State they ae called Souashta (Patnulkaa) o meely Palka. Edga Thuston efes this Community as Pattunulkaan. The sum about Souashta encampment ae discussed by A.J. Saundes 1. A Histoy of a Souashtas in Southen India by a Souashta Liteay Societies of Madua as good as Madas was published on seventeen Januay 1891 unde a Chaimanship of Si T.M.Ramaswamaiyo, a Secetay being Si K.V.Subbaiyo. In that book, it is settled that a following books diminutive consulted D.Balfou Encyclopedia of India, Ramesh Chande Dutt's Ancient India, Alexande Cunnigham's Ancient Geogaphy of India, Tod's Rajasthan, Pofesso Lassen on Pakita Languages, Bombay Gazetee, Reseaches of a Asiatic Society, A Gamma of a Gondian Languages. Souashta, additionally good known as Palka, Sowashta, Sauashtam, (sometimes Souashti) is an IndoAyan denunciation oral in pats of a Southen Indian State of Tamil Nadu. The Ethnologue puts a numbe of speakes during 310,000 (1997 IMA), nonetheless a discernible numbe could be mount in to even thee times this figue o even moe given many people wongly settled thei mothe tongue as Tamil in census enumeation as it isn't taught in propagandize as good as it emained especially a oral language, nonetheless Liteatues ae accessible in Souashta, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Roman as good as Devanagai Scipts. Now Jounals in Souashta scipt ae published, such as Bhashabhimani, Zeek, Jaabaali, as good as Souashta Mithan.Souashtam is personal unde IndoEuopean Family Ayan Sub Family IndoAyan Banch Inne Sub Banch Cental Goupand indeterminate a little authoitative wok, is tentatively gouped unde Gujaati accoding to Linguistic Suvey of India. vide Census of India 1961 Volume I INDIA Pat IIC (ii) Language Tables p.ccxvii,published by The Manage of Publications, Civil Lines, Delhi, 1967.

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