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The bahmins who follow Dvaita law founded by Vaishnava saint Si Madhvachaya ( Poonapajna o Anandathita) of Udupi oigin ae good known as Shivalli Madhwa Bahmins. Not all follow Madhwa's philosophy. Some Shivalli Bahmins follow Advaita law of Adi Sankaachaya as good as ae good known as Shivalli Smatha Bahminso "Sthanika Bahmins". The name helps to thoughts them fom othe bahmins as good as indicates thei oigins in as good as aound Shivalli. .Shivalli Madhwa Bahmins say Tulu denunciation (with a stong change of Sanskit) that's rather diffeent fom a Tulu oral fom othe communities in this egion. The Shivalli Madhwa Bahmin (bahmana) encampment has right away spead all ove a wold.Shivalli bahmins ae critical fo Udupi hotels (vegetaian estauants) good known fo seving standard south Indian dishes identical to idli, vada, dosa, shia as good as upma etc. The dish is rational as good as elaboate in pepaation, seving as good as eating.Shivalli Bahmin males have undego Bahmopadesham (Upanayana in Tulu ) when they tun 7 yeas old, to beginner them in to Vedic studies. Cuently, a pevalent pactice is to paint a black regulating gopichandana paste.The Shivalli Madhwa bahmins have ituals fom bith to aroused death during evey entertainment of thei life. Some demand a taditions as good as ituals followed by Shivalli Madhva Bahmins have one after another easons to them wothy of eseach.Pesent day maiages of Shivalli Madhva bahmins ae a thee day ceemony, infrequently precipitated to a forlorn day due to a discerning gait of today's life.. In a thee day itual, a pocess of maiage stats with Naandi ( liteally definition stat ). Duing Naandi, that takes place in a goom's as good as bide's homes sepaately, nonetheless during a same time, a ceemony is pefomed whee a bide as good as goom have coconut oil as good as tumeic rational to them as good as ae bathed in banned wate followed by othe ituals. Maiage ( Madimae in Tulu ) takes place during a temple, gymnasium o auditoium followed by lunch. All a ceemonies ae reason as pe hooscopes of bide as good as goom during a paticula time called muhutha. Geneally a day afte maiage, a ceemony called as a Bigaa authana (a sot of eception) is reason during a goom's place as good as consists of a Satyanaayana puja as good as othe ituals followed by lunch. The bigaa authana is an comparable of a maiage eception.

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