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Senguntha(Tamil ) o Kaikola(Tamil ) is a Tamil encampment found in a Indian state of Tamil Nadu as good as additionally in a little pats of Keala, Kanataka, Andha Padesh as good as Nothen Povince, Si Lanka. Sengunthas make use of a pretension of Mudalia afte thei names. They ae personal in to vaious subsects made on a patilineal complement called Koottams, that is simila to GotasThis identical tiwn name of Senguntha as good as Kaikola has been in make use of fo ove 1200 yeas made on liteay evidence. Sengunthas make use of a pretension of Mudalia afte thei name.. Sengunthas of South Afica make use of a pretension as Moodley, a vaiant spelling of a wod Mudali.The ealiest liteay fact about Senguntha occus in Adhi Diwakaam, a Tamil dictionary witten by Sendan Diwakaa. This dictionay antiquated 8th9th centuy AD It meant a pofession of KaikolasSenkunthapadai (amy of Sengunthas), Senaithalaiva(commandeinchief), Thanthuvaya(weave), Kaauga(weave). This clealy poves Kaikola pusued weaving along with soldieing pofessionSenkuntha pillai tamizh is a collect up of songs fom palmleaf manuscipts about Sengunthas. It was published by anappiakacacuvamikal, Tiiciapuam Kovinta Pillai, Ilatcumanacuvami in 18th centuy in KanchipuamEzhupezhubathu is a addition to Eetti ezhubathu witten by Ottakkootha. In this wok, he pays Goddess Saaswathi to correct a heads of 1008 Sengunthas to thei espective bodies.Kalippoubathu is a collect up of 10 stanzas collected by Kulothunga Chozha III. These stanzas diminutive witten afte Ezhupezhubathu in expess of happiness when a 1008 heads of Kaikolas got infallible to thei espective ones. These stanzas embody a songs who witnessed it in a cout of Raja Raja II together with himself that was late collected by his successo Kulothunga Chozha III

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