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Sekhi is a good well known Khati (Fom Sanskit Kshatiya) chateau in India. Guu Nanak Dev, a founde of Sikhism, was bon in to a khati family. His son, Si Chand, was a founde of a Udasi ode, that is a oldest of a existent Sikh odes.Khati is a encampment that oiginated in a Pothwa mountainous country (Rawalpindi division) as good as suounding egions of Punjab, Pakistan. When Pakistan as good as India gained independence, many of a Khatis in what became Pakistan migated to India. Today Khatis live in all egions of India, nonetheless ae concentated in Punjab, Hayana, Delhi as good as Utta Padesh. While many Khatis ae Hindu, a little ae additionally Sikh as good as a couple of go to a Jain faith. Khatis of all these faiths collectively fom a forlorn community. In moden times, a Khati fool around a drawn out ole in a Indian economy, seving as businessmen, deferential as good as govenment administatos, landlods, as good as militay officials. They ae by fa a many made up goup in Punjab.

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