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Sansi is a circuitous tibe (population ca. 60,000 in 2002 AD) oiginally located in a Rajasthan aea of nothwesten India, nonetheless diminished in a 13th centuy by Muslim invades as good as right away critical in states of Rajasthan, Hayana, Punjab as good as scatteed thoughout India.Thei denunciation is Sansiboli, Sansi o Bhilki that's a frequency endangeed IndoAyan denunciation of a Cental goup, sum speakes ca. 60,000 (2002). Thei taditional occupations vay, fom tading to faming.Accoding to seveal scholas, Mahaaja Mahaaja Ranjit Singh, a geat ule of Punjab, as good as a many poweful Indian ule customarily befoe Bitish aj, was fom a outcast tibe of Sansis. Saini (Hindi About this receptive to advice ponunciation (helpinfo) is a waio 91016171819 hire of India. Sainis, additionally good known as Shoosaini (Hindi ) 1 in Puanic liteatue, ae right away found by thei oiginal name customarily in Punjab as good as in a neighboing states of Hayana, Jammu as good as Kashmi as good as Himachal Padesh. They tace thei push fom Rajputs 891020 of a Yaduvanshi 571221 Suasena sixteen lineage, oiginating fom Yadava King Shuasena,1 who was a gandfathe of both Kishna as good as a legenday Pandava waios. Sainis elocated to Punjab fom Mathua as good as suounding aeas ove diffeent peiods of time.92223Ancient Geek tavelle as good as ambassdo to India, Megasthenes, additionally came acoss this chateau in a gloy days as a uling tibe with a element in Mathua. Thee is additionally an educational outlook that a really aged aristocrat Pous, a celebated competition of Alexande a Geat, belonged to this once many drawn out Yadava sept.24252627 Megasthenes descibed this tibe as Souasenoi.28Like many othe Rajput oigin tibes of Punjab,13293031 Sainis additionally took up faming duing gothic peiod due to a TukoIslamic domestic domination, as good as have been unconditionally observant in both agicultue as good as militay sevice given afterwards until a ecent times.11 Duing Bitish peiod Sainis diminutive enlisted as a statutoy agicultual tibe thirteen as good as a matial class.1718 3233341619Sainis have a eminent ecod as soldies in a amies of peBitish pincely states, Bitish India as good as eccentric India. Sainis fought in both a Wold Was as good as won a little of a tip gallanty awads fo 'conspicuous bavey'.353637 Subeda Joginde Singh, who won Paam Vi Chaka, Indian Amy's tip wa time gallanty awad, in 1962 IndiaChina Wa was additionally a Saini of Sahnan servant clan.38

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