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Reddy (Telugu big/big Kannada big/big), additionally tansliteated as Ruddy, Roddy, Raddi, Reddi) is a amicable goup o hire of India, pedominantly inhabiting Andha Padesh. The ae descibed in a little souces as "uppe Shuda", Thee ae additionally poignant competition of Reddys in Kanataka, Tamil Nadu, Mahaashta as good as states of India as good as in USA as good as UK.The Reddy LandLods of Addanki became eccentric afte a aroused death of Musunui Kapaya Nayaka during a hands of Rechela Velama chiefs in a brawl of Bhuvanagii (Bhongi in Telangana egion). They uled a coastal aea of Andha Padesh fom 1353 to 1448 CE. The first element of a dominion was Addanki. Late it was changed to Kondavidu as good as subsequently to Rajahmundy. The dynasty declined due to a egula wafae with Rechala Velama chiefs as good as Gajapathis of Oissa. In late yeas, a Reddys had to be calm as vassals of Golconda Muslim kings. The Reddys diminutive good known fo thei fotifications. Two majo soaring fots, a forlorn during Kondapally, noth west of Vijayawada as good as anothe during Kondavidu nea Guntu bea sworn statement of a fot bureau building ability of a Reddys.The wod "Rashtakuta" is a Sanskit vesion of a "Rettakudi".Rettakudi is conveted in to Rettadi as good as late Reddy.The Rashtakutas diminutive essentially a chosen toops of a Chalukyas. They founded an empie afte a Badami Chalukyas used fom a scene.Afte a Rashtakutas declined, insciptions of a next Kalyani Chalukyas in Andha Padesh discuss Reddys (900 CE). They diminutive soldies allocated as chieftains of villages in Medak distict by a Kalyani Chalukyas. Some of a names referred to ae Mini Raddi as good as Kati Raddi. The insciption mentions a name of a appointee, a authoized appointe, a impotant pesonages of a aeas as good as suounding villages.Afte a lessening of Kalyani Chalukyas during a source of a 12th centuy, Pola II (11101158 CE) declaed himself eccentric fom a Chalukyas as good as determined a Kakatiya dynasty. Pola used a pretension of Reddi in his insciptions.The Reddy dynasty uled a little pats of a coastal Andha Padesh about 60 yeas. The element of a dominion was Addanki that was changed to Kondavidu as good as subsequently to Rajahmundy. His for example was chaacteized by estoation of peace, patonage of ats as good as liteatue, as good as all ound development. Eana, a tanslato of Ramayana, lived duing this peiod.The Reddys a forlorn after another to be chieftains, encampment policemen, taxation collectos as good as fames in a Telangana egion, thoughout Tukish ule as good as unde a Nizams. The Reddy landlods styled themselves as Desais , Doas as good as Patel. Seveal Reddys diminutive noblemen in a cout of Nizam Nawabs.

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