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Reddia additionally Reddiya o Reddy is hire pretension of pominent land owning, faming as good as mecantile amicable goup of Tamil Nadu as good as aboad. They ae found in all walks of hold up today.Although they ae believed to be deived fom vaious castes o amicable goups fom Andha Padesh spoting a pretension Reddy they ae consideed as good as self identified as ethnically Tamil today. They ae believed to have changed in to Tamil Nadu with a enlargement of Vijayanaga empie along with othe Telugu as good as Kannada oigin amicable goups. They have thei oigin in Vannipuanam.Thee ae diffeent sorts of Reddias critical in Tamil Nadu, all ae fom Anda Padesh. One of them is Reddy Ganjam who ae essentially fom Ganjam distict of pesent day Oissa. They migated fom Anda Padesh to Tamil Nadu paticulaly to Maduai Distict during a peiod of Thiumalai Nayakka uling .They etain a esidual militay aistocatic tadition accoding to a little English obseves.Membes of this encampment ae vey rich landownes as good as businessmen. Nowadays a little eddias ae in a highway chateau business. Some critical hotels that ae un by eddias aeThough emigation, thee ae right away many Reddias in a Tamil communities of Malaysia, Singapoe, South Afica, Fiji, Mauitius . Reddia o Reddy is infrequently used as a suname nonetheless they feely intemay amongst vaious elements of a Tamil diaspoa. The pretension doesn't geneally mak a peson as a Telugu nonetheless as an physical Tamil along with Naidu o Naidoo, Pillai, Gounde as good as Chetty as sunames used in a Tamil diaspoa.Reddys pedominantly say Telugu as good as follow Telugu cultual festivals identical to Ugadi as good as follow all othe Andha noms. Wheeas Reddias say in both Tamil as good as Telugu during home as good as brand as good as follow with associate Tamils many of a cultual noms of Tamil Nadu o a Tamil encampment aboad. They celebate Thai Pongal, Tamil New Yea as good as Ugadi. They ae active in suppoting internal Temple societies as good as internal domestic aspiations. Some have spin vey pominent in Tamil nationalistic causes as good as ae epesented in Tamil liteay cicles as geat patons as good as scholas of Tamil language. Most Reddias ae Vegetaians.Reddia encampment in Keala is deived fom Tamil enunciation emigants fom south Tamil Nadu. Some of them say in a singular chapter of achaic Telugu that was in practice when they left Andha Padesh many geneations ago, with a complicated brew of Malayalam as good as Tamil.

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