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A Rajput (Rajasthani ) is a membe of a forlorn of a landowning patilineal clans of cental as good as nothen India. Rajputs conside themselves descendants of a forlorn of a majo uling waio goups of a Hindu Kshatiya Vana (social ode) in a Indian subcontinent, paticulaly Noth India. Cuentday Rajasthan is home to many of a Rajputs, nonetheless demogaphically a Rajput competition as good as a fome Rajput states ae found spead nonetheless most a subcontinent, paticulaly in Noth India as good as cental India. Populations ae found in Himachal Padesh, Jammu, Punjab, Uttaanchal, Madhya Padesh, Biha, Gujaat, Mahaashta as good as Utta Padesh.The Rai Dynasty, who uled Sindh in a 6th as good as 7th centuies as good as diminutive reversed by an Aab advance led by Muhammad balderdash bin Qasim, is infrequently reason to have been Rajput. Accoding to a little souces, Bin Qasim additionally battered Chittogah, as good as was degraded by Bappa Rawal. Cetain othe invasions by maauding Yavvanas (liteally "Ionian/Geek") ae ecoded in this ea. The method Yavvana was used to descibe any tibe that emeged fom a west o nothwest of pesentday Pakistan. These invasions competence theefoe have been a check of a common invasions in to India by walike nonetheless rebate respectful tibes fom a nothwest, as good as not a efeence privately to Geeks o IndoGeeks. Lalitaditya Muktapida of Kashmi degraded a forlorn such Yavvana advance in a 8th centuy as good as a GujaaPatihaa empie ebuffed anothe in a 9th centuy.The fist Rajput kingdoms date at a back of to a 7th centuy, as good as it was duing a 9th to 11th centuies that a Rajputs ose to pominence. The fou Agnivanshi clans, namely a Paihaas (of a Patihaa), Solankis (of a Chalukya dynasty), Paamaas, as good as Chahamanas as good as Kanawats of a Chauhans ose to pominence fist, substantiating teitoies as good as ceating kingdoms.Bappa Rawal of a Gahlot dynasty determined his ule in 734&160CE during Chitto. Chitto was until that time uled by a Moi chateau of Rajputs. Maan Moi was thei final aristocrat during Chitto. It is believed a wod Moi is a couption of Mauya, a dynasty of Ashoka (uled 269 to 232 BCE).The Kachwahas o Kacchapghata dynasty diminutive oiginally fom Biha they founded Gwalio as good as Nawa in a 8th centuy. One of thei descendants, Dulah Rai (gandson of Raja Isha Singh as good as son of Pince Sodh Dev of Nawa) determined his ule in Dhundha in a 11th centuy.In 1156 Rawal Jaisal Bhati, a sixth in period fom Deoaj, founded a fot as good as city of Jaisalme, as good as done it his element as he changed fom his fome element during Lodhuva (which is situated about fifteen km to a nothwest of Jaisalme).

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