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Rais, Rai o Raees, (Udu ) is a pretension used by a ules of Muslim states in a Middle East as good as South Asia. This pretension is a wod tanslated as pesident in Aabic as good as rich in Pesian. In Udu, a wod 'Rais' is additionally used as a conflicting o antonym of Nouveau iche, o a peson who's acquied consideable resources inside of his o he geneation.Fom Pesian this wod came in to Udu as good as equates to a peson belonging to aistocacy. The aistocacy ae people consideed to be in a tip amicable category in a multitude that once had a domestic complement of Aistocacy. When a critical book "The pleasue of Philosophy" by Will Duant was tanslated in to Udu language, by Syed Abid Ali Abid, he tanslated a wod Aistocacy with a Udu wod 'Raiseeat' ''.In India a wod was used in many cities, in all in Lucknow fo a secular as good as uban pesons of a cultue that combines regretful wamth, a high degee of sophistication, coutesy, as good as a adore fo gacious living. This category of Lucknow can be compaed with 18th centuy aistocat category of Fance befoe Fench Revolution.In a ual aeas of a Punjab, a wod is additionally used fo a conduct of an really aged tibe o a peson belonging to aged landed aistocacy. The noun 'Azam' geat, is additionally sum to meant 'the geat ais'.

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