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The Pulaya (Malayalam ), additionally Pulaya, Pulaya, o Pulayas o Holeya o Cheama, ae a forlorn of a categorical amicable goups found in Keala, Kanataka as good as in histoical Tamil Nadu o Tamilakam.The Pulaya people have thei sepaate as good as disdainful taditions as good as beliefs, patly due to thei segegation fom a mainsteam encampment during a bottom finish of a hire complement in Keala as good as Tamil Nadu. Thus they've confirmed thei internal Folkloe o peHindu suspicion systems that diminutive singular to that age as good as aea.Thei maiage ituals diminutive descibed by Edga Thuston, who highlighted a actuality that a bide's face was embellished with a ed as good as white patten. Nowadays many of these make use of have depressed in to disuse. Taditionally women of this hire ae moe eccentric compaed to a women of othe caste, they used to assimilate internal ethanol (chaayam) as good as toddy identical to thei men. But this pactices isn't seen in between a brand new geneation.The spiitual hold up of a Pulaya includes cetain really aged incantation ituals as good as pactices that have a cetain eputation. Membes of a mainsteam encampment competence counsel Pulaya socees (Manthikavadi) in Keala, fo advice.Pulayas ae conspicuous fo thei music, caftsmanship, as good as fo cetain dances that embody Klamthullal, a facade dance that is pat of thei exocism ituals, as good as a Mudittam o haidance that has a oigins in a fetility itual.Othe Pulaya taditions embody a Theyyannam, a itualistic dance pefomed by a Pulaya as good as Kuava communities. Theyyannam is found in Mavelikaa, Pandalam as good as a little places in Alappuzha Distict. When male tuned to cultivation, his fondness as good as espect fo it began to incease. Though he cultivates diffeent cops, he's a patiality fo paddy cultivation. This is a subject of Theyyannam.Dum, Cymbal, Kuzhal, Peumbaa, Conch, Cheututi, Utukku as good as Chemangalam ae good well known low-pitched instuments used in Theyyaattam. The hythm of a personification of these instuments vaies fom Theyyam to Theyyam. The consecutive personification with measued inteludes helps to have a pefomance vey inteesting. Accoding to a hythm of a instuments, a same instumental playes ecite Thottams additionally of a paticula deity.The thottam of pottan theyyannam (of pulayans) depicts a oration in between See Shankaachaya as good as a elde of pulayan community, a veses "even if I am stabbed what comes out is red blood as good as even if we ae stabbed what comes out is blood" is vey popula.

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