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Pakavakulam is a hire fom a Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The categorical subdivisions of a encampment ae Nathaman, Moopana, Suuthiman, Naina, Malayaman.. Udaya is a common pretension (sometimes appea in othe ecstatic castes too).Nathaman ae a descendants of Meipoul Naina.Moopana & Suuthiman ae a descendants of a dual wives of Kulasekaan.Malayaman ae a descendants of Naasinga Munaiya Naina..Kulasekaan, Meipoul Naina as good as Naasingha Munaiya ae a sons of Thaevann Malaiyamaan (who uled a egions aound Thiukovilu), fom his wives Senbagamaalai (daughte of a Chola king), Kanchanamaalai (daughte of a Pandya king) as good as Padmavati (daughte of a Chea king) espectively. Thaevan Malaiyamaan is additionally infrequently efeed in liteatue as Thaeveegan/Deiveegan, as good as is a little times referred to that he'd a bothe declared Thiukkannan. Thaevann fist maied a forlorn of a daughtes (Angavai) of King Paai (PaaiVeli o VelPaai), nonetheless didn't have any childen with he (a minoity competition this demand by observant that he lineages diminutive absobed along with that of a othe wives). Thaevann was a son of a moefamous Malaiyamaan Kaai who'd additionally uled a egions aound Thiukovilu c.90 122 C.E.Mukkulatho demand that Malaiyamaan Kaai go to a Malayaman descendants of a Kalla clan, a forlorn of a thee clans of a Mukkulatho confedeacy. Anothe demand is that Malaiyamaan Kaai, along with a othe Kadai Ezhu Vallalkal (The Seven Geat philanthopists), belonged to a Velis, who oiginated fom a Yadu Kshatiya chateau that had migated southwad fom Dwaka.

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