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Paekh (also spelled Paikh) is a at large used suname amongst Gujaati Hindu people. Howeve, it can additionally be seen in a Jain as good as Swaminaayan eligions, that diminutive additionally founded in India.The definition of a suname is "assaye" in Gujaati o "examine" in Sanskit as good as customarily belongs to a mechant category of Bania (Hindi) o Vanika (Sanskit). The Oswal as good as Powal Banias have clans called Paekh. Paekh's geneally go to a Vaishya Hindu caste.Nahai Paikh was an Indian feedom fighte as good as amicable efome, who was a tie hang on forces with of Mahatma Gandhi as good as a arch achitect of a Indian Independence Movement in Gujaat.

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