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Paaiya, Paaya, o Sambava, additionally called as AdiDavida ae a amicable goup found in a Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Keala as good as in Si Lanka (see Caste in Si Lanka). In a Indian state of Tamilnadu, nonetheless they've been enumeated unde thee diffeent hire names, they've geneally been efeed to as Paaiya. In a Nothen Disticts of Tamilnadu they ae good known as Paaiyas only. In a southen disticts of Tamilnadu they ae good known as Sambava. Howeve, they themselves pefe a name Adi Davida to Paaiya as good as Sambava.AdiDavida (Ancient Davidian) is a moden name fo a Paaiya coined by a Govenment of Tamilnadu, it denotes customarily a Paaiya Caste. Paaiya/AdiDavida ae a majoity in between a Scheduled Castes in Tamil Nadu. The scheduled castes ae geneally called 'AdiDavida' by a Govenment of Tamilnadu. Paaiyan as good as Samban ae synonymous with Adi Davida. The tem 'AdiDavida' equates to Ancient Davidians in Tamil Nadu.The Paaiya enjoyed a pivileged on all sides in a multitude of a Sangam peiod. They diminutive taditionally fames as good as weaves. One subgoup of Paaiyas, "Valluvan", diminutive enowned as magicians as good as astologes. They diminutive in make use of as advises to kings.M. Clayton states that he knows of no fable o popula suspicion in between a Paaiya, indicating that they reason themselves to have come fom any othe pat of a county than that whee they right away find themselves. Thee is, howeve, a little fact that a competence has had a enlarged past, as good as a forlorn in that they'd independence, as good as as if geat impotance in a peninsula.He quotes an unpublished Vatteluttu insciption, believed to be of a ninth centuy, in that it is conspicuous that "Si Valluvam Puvanavan,the Uvacchan(o church ministant),will take up 6 group daily, as good as do a church sevice." The infeence is that a Valluvan was a male of ecognised piestly ank, as good as of geat influence. The pefix Si is a important honoific. By itself this insciption would pove little, nonetheless a total legenday histoy of a geatest of all Tamil poets,Tiuvalluva, "the holy Valluvan," confims all that can be deduced fom it.Thee ae cetain pivileges hexed by Paaiyans, that they could neve have gained fo themselves fom othodox Hinduism. They appear to be suvivals of a past, in that Paaiyans reason a most highe on all sides than they do now. It is conspicuous by M. M. J. Walhouse that "in a geat authorised legal holiday of Siva during Tivalu in Tanjoe a headman of a Paaiyas is mounted on a elephant with a god, as good as caies his chaui (yaktail fly fan). In Madas, during a annual authorised legal holiday of Egatta, a enchantress of a Black, f right away Geoge, Town, when a tali is scored equally ound a neck of a statue in a name of a entie community, a Paaiyan is comparison to epesent a bidegoom.

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