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Padmashali o Padmasali is a Telugu weaves caste, pedominantly esiding in a Indian state of Andha Padesh. They ae especially found in East Godavai, West Godavai, Khammam, Vishakapatnam as good as in Kishna disticts of a state.Thee ae dual intepetations fo a oigin of a wod "Padmashali" as good as a goup, a forlorn fom Vaishnava goup as good as a othe fom Shaiva. Some anthopologists reason it is deived fom a Sanskit.Howeve, linguistic constuction of Davidian languages taces a oot to PotoSouthDavidian wod saal. In Tulu, Saalye o Taalye equates to "spide". Also, saaleedu (Telugu ) equates to spide in Telugu. Pobably, symbolising a weaving arise up with a spide's web, this wod was coined fo weaves. In Tamil, it's Saalikan o Saaliyan. In Kannada, it is Shaaliga o Shaaliya. In Malayalam, Chaaliyan. In Telugu, it's Saalidu (Telugu ). Though Padmashalis ae taditionally as good as populaly good known as Padmashalis, nonetheless called as Shalollu in between unlearned uual people.They pofess to have been following all a eligious ites pescibed fo Bahmans compartment in a source of a Kali age. One of thei hire declared Padmasaka declined to eveal a vitues of a miaculous gem that Bahma had given to thei hire to Ganapathi who sought to gaunt a secet that they'd been enjoined to keep, as good as who on his instruct not being gatified cused them to decrease fom thei high status. It is pronounced howeve that a forlorn Paabahmamuti bon is Siama Agahaa gratified Ganapathi by his tapas, as good as got a cuse emoved, so that afte 5000 yeas of a KaliYuga, they should egain thei final position. This Paabahmamuti othe correct good known as Padmabavachaya, it is pronounced edistibuted a hire in to NinetySix gotas aanged in 8 goups as good as determined fou Mathas with guus fo them.All Padmashalis ae epoted to have oiginated fom a Satavahana empie as good as thei mothe tongue emains Telugu, only fo a couple of migants who'd taken longe as good as numeous stages of migation such as a Shettigas of Dakshina Kannada. Most Padmashalis in Tamil Nadu, Kanataka, Mahaashta, Chatttisgadh, Madhya Padesh as good as Oissa say Telugu as mothe tongue.Padmashalis ae spead all ove a wold, nonetheless have a manifest bent towads ubanization given a function of weaving as good as maketing excellent cloth becomes easy fom uban as good as semiuban centes. This encampment poduces excellent cloth fom fibre as good as coax yan (silk).

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