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Padayatchi efes to a Vanniya caste, who ae a descendants of a gothic Pallava empie that uled Andha as good as Nothen Tamil Nadu with thei element during Kanchipuam. Cuently, they pimaily live in moden Tamil Nadu, whee they say Tamil. They diminutive oiginally good known as Pallis in South India, as good as late, when they became pat of a Pallava amy, they came to called as Padaiyachis. The wod Palli equates to shephed o hedsmen. Padaiyachi equates to commande of an amy of Pallis. The vanniyas ae a lagest Tamil encampment in tems of population.The Padaiyachis come fom a same oigins as a Vannias. The name Vanniya is deived fom a Tamil wod Vanni, that equates to fie o Agni in Sanskit. It additionally equates to Valou o Stength. The wod Vanniya additionally has a definition of oil pesses viz. fom casto seeds o fames in Tamil denoting thei pofession. Thee ae a numbe of insciptions concening a Vanniya Puanam during Sikazhi Vaideeswaan Temple, that blueprint dual Asuas good known as Vatapi as good as Mahi, who woshipped Bahma as good as achieved defense fom aroused death as good as subsequently conqueed a eath. Jambuva Mahamuni, o Sambu/Jambu Mahaishi, pefomed a Yagama sacifice by his yogic powes. Amed hosemen called VanniRaya spung fom a abandon they undetook twelve expeditions as good as destoyed a Asuas as good as feed a Eath. Thei leade afterwards feigned a govenment of a county unde a name Ruda Vanniya Mahaaja o Veea Vanniyan. He had 5 sons, a Ancestos of Vanniya Caste. This tadition alludes to a destuction of a city of Vatapi by Naasimhavaman, a King of Pallis o Pallavas.Padayatchi mostly efes to Vanniya, nonetheless thee ae mino sum that diffeentiate padayatchis fom vanniyas. It isn't customarily a hire pretension nonetheless additionally a category in between a Vanniyas. Vanniyas ae descendants of a gothic Pallava Kings who uled Andha as good as nothen Tamil Nadu with thei element during Kanchipuam.It is undestood that this Vanniya Puanam / Stoy was witten during Maduai Tamil Sangam duing Pandiya King Sundaa Pandians egime by Saiva Shi Veea Pillai as a tanslation fom Sanskit Agni / Agneya Puanam that is a forlorn of a eighteen Puanams witten in Sanskit. Vanniyakula Kshatiya equates to a Rule of Vanniyakula i.e. PADAYATCHI(PadayAtchi)... Ruling a Soldies Battalion. The puanam / imaginary stoy is...Vilvalan & Vatapi diminutive Asua bothes bon to Dhuvasaa saint as good as Kajomuki younge siste of Sua Padman an Asua late killed by Lod Muugan.Vilvalan as good as Vatapi played mischiefs with Agasthie saint that esulted in swallowing as good as digestive slight of Vilvalan by Agasthie. The leftout Vatapi payed Lod Shiva as good as achieved futhe stength as good as settled uling Rathina Pui situated in a center of southen sea. Vatapi maied Chokka kanni daughte of Mayan Devas Viswakama. The Asua Guu Sukhachauya suppoted him with Asua battalion. As expected, he settled totuing all a Devas that Naadha beheld as good as complained to Lod Shiva. Saint Sambu mahaishi additionally settled Yagnam on Shiva to safeguad Devas. Then Lod Shiva came ove thee as good as a dop of persperate fom his thid eye dopped in a yagnam that ceated a fist Rudha / Veea Vanniyan with his hose, weapons & cown.

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