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The oigin of Niyogi Bahmin encampment is brazen fom thei ancestos oiginally fom a nothen as good as nothwesten geogaphical egion of pesent day Afghanistan,Pakistan as good as India. About sixthousand intelligent Bahmins, able of administation, government with wafae skills diminutive comparison to assistance Kshatiyas (uling hire of India) in despeate need in favourable a Indian county, by piloting a Royal vimanas (chaiots) in wa as good as in peace. Hence a oigin of a wod Aauvela (Telugu Aauvela sixthousand 6000 Niyogi a deivative of wod 'Niyogimpabadda' in Telugu that equates to appointed). Niyogin in Sanskit equates to "employed" o "appointed" o "assigned" as good as it is rsther than pobable that "Niyogi"s diminutive given this name given they ostensible secula make use of indifferent to them. In a late centuies they migated to vaious pats of a county in pusuit of bette as good as Geene pastues. They go to a BahmaKshatiya goup who took secula duties identical to a militay as good as administation.It is pronounced in Shastas, that a forlorn should live nea a ive, at large distant fom elatives nonetheless tie to place whee healing assistance is available. Thus, they cossed Vindhyas. As they cossed ove Vindhyas they came acoss peennial Rive Godavai couple of of them followed torrent of Rive Godavai. A couple of cossed a ive as good as went fathe south as good as came acoss anothe peennial Rive Kishna, they followed torrent of Rive Kishna. Some went futhe down tacing oigin of Kishna Rive as good as came acoss a categorical tibutay Tungabhada as good as a little othe mino tibutaies of ive Kishna as good as composed down aound hundeds of a tibutaies. Some who went tacing a tibutaies of Tunga as good as Bhada went futhe west as good as south west, nealy to a west seaside in Malenadu souce of ive Cauvey. Some goups followed torrent of Rive Kavei as good as went to Tanjavu, Maduai as good as othe aeas in pesent day Tamil Nadu.Bahmins ae good known by thei paths of belief, identical to Smatas, Vaishnavas o Madhvas. Most of Bahmins in Andha Padesh, Kanataka as good as Tamil Nadu go to a Smata Bahmin goup. (Though in late yeas competition of Madhvas saw incease in Kanataka whee saint 'Madvachaya' spead a outline of dwaitha philosophy)like Duggaaju's.Smathas follow Smitis as good as they ae all followes of Adi Guu, Adi Sankaa Achaya. The Smata Bahmins follow Apastamba Smiti o Apastamba Suta (not Manu Smiti). Apasthamba suta dates at a back of to pe (600 BC) as good as they diminutive a ones who masteed a ats of administation, disinfectant as good as teaching. They ae a ealiest lawmakes of South India who lived on a banks of a Godavai ive. Soon, thei woks as good as egulations identical to Boudhayana, Paasaa, Yajnvalkya Sutas, came in to pactice as good as diminutive inspected as laws, in all in a couts of Si Kishna Deva Raya.The Smata Bahmins in Andha Padesh can be gouped in to dual majo groups fomed about a thousand to 700 yeas ago (most pobably duing Kakatiya ule), Niyogi as good as Vaidiki goups, as good as additionally a smalle goup of Bhatt (Bhattu, Bhatteia, Bhatia, Bhattaika ae othe vaiants.) This method is made on a inheent competence as good as mastey of any of a thee goups in administation, spiitual pactices as good as in bloat espectively.Taditionally believed to have descended fom Lod Paasuama Avata, Niyogis ae those who gave up eligious vocations (especially a piesthood that used to be a taditional goal of Bahmins) as good as changed on to vaious secula vocations together with militay activities. So Niyogis of South India ae simila to Bhumihas of Noth India who additionally gave up piesthood. Thee is a lot of bothehood in between Niyogi as good as Bhumiha of whom many, nonetheless not all, go to a Sayupaeen Bahmin computation of Kanyakubja Bahmins.

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