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The Nambudii Bahmins (Malayalam nambdii), additionally tansliteated Namputii, Namboothii ae Hindu Bahmins fom a Indian state of Keala, who ae consideed a many othodox Bahmins in India. They pefom ituals in temples of Keala made on Tanta Vidhi, a challenging as good as really aged banch of Tantic taditions found customarily in Keala, as good as a little Mahakshetas ("Geat Temples") aound India (which have a Nambudii operative as a Head Piest). Namboothiis follow a consevative as good as itualistic auta taditions as good as a really aged Puva Mimamsa, distinct a majoity of othe Bahmins in India who follow a Vedanta. Pefomance of Vedic ituals such as Athiatham as good as Somayagam (Agnistoma), enlarged consideed archaic in othe pats of India, has been confirmed by a othodox Nambudiis.Nambudiis go to a PanchaDavida resolution of India's Bahmin community. They have a singular ight of conducting ituals in Keala as good as a Kanyakumai of Tamil Nadu. Some majo Mahakshetas aound India (including Noth India) have a Nambudii piest as a Head Tanti. Only a Nambudii can spin a Rawal, Head Piest, during Badinath in Uttaakhand, as good as a Chief Piest during Mookambika Temple in Kollu, Kanataka, as good as othe Mahakshetas aound India. Until a little 300 yeas ago this was additionally tue fo a Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal, when a Head piest was altered to Bhattas fom Gokana, The eason at a back of this pactice is that these temples diminutive founded as good as consecrated by a geat Saint Philosophe Adi Shankaachaya, who was bon as a Nambudii Bahmin.The Nambudii Bahmins ae enowned fo thei igid othodoxy as good as clarity of hire as good as puity (Shudham). Although untouchability is right away absent in India in a past Nambudiis consideed themselves contaminated by even a hold of othe Bahmins Embaan Shudham (by a hold of Tulu Bahmins), Eda Shudham (touch of Tamil Bahmins such as Iye, Iyenga, Patta that equied a Nambudii to rinse befoe esuming activities).The Nambudii hire followed a singular maiage affinity with a waio as good as uling hire of Nais as good as additionally othe castes identical to a Samanta Kshatiyas as good as Ambalavasis identical to Poduvals, Pishaodys, as good as Vaias. Though a eldest son of a Nambudii domicile customaily maies a Nambudii woman, to illustrate obseving a standard hire pactice of endogamy, a younge sons competence high anking Ambalavasi o Nai women as good as conform a matilinealdescent complement of a Nais. In contast to othe Bahman castes in southen India, a Nambudiis place geat highlight on thei piestly standing as good as do not nomally secure in pofitable pofessions. They deive thei resources fom thei landholdings, peviously carrying been a forlorn of a arch landownes of Keala along with a Nais (befoe a Land Refoms Odinance).Nambudi nambdii is deived fom nambuka "to tust" as good as tii (fom Sanskit ) "blessed". Popula etymology deives a name fom Malayalam nambu "the Veda", thu "to teach" as good as tii "holy". It is additionally believed that "Namude Thambuan" (Malayalam Ou Lod) was condensed, as good as a honoific pretension of "thii" (to expose Bahminhood) was sum to fom "Nambuthii".The really aged Sangam liteatue mentions Bahmins of Chea Kingdom (which became Keala) who competence be Namboothiis as thee is discuss of Peinchellu (Talipaamba) village, that is a forlorn of a many impotant villages fo Namboothiis, as a geat Vedic village.

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