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Nais ae good known as a nagavanshi Kshatiya chateau of Ananta as good as Vasuki descendence. The sepent is woshipped as guadian of a chateau in between Nai families. Evey thaavadu and/o majo family will have a Sepent gove in a compound/estate of a family. In pesent days, dull off 90% of a temples in Keala have sepent deities woshipped inside. In pevedic histoy a egion of Keala was good known as Patala, as good as was good known as a done of clay of nagas uled by Ananta.Nais ae taditionally matilineal, that meant that a family taced a oots nonetheless a women in a family. The childen inheited a popety of thei matenal family. Thei family section owned popety jointly, as good as enclosed bothes as good as sistes, a latte's childen, as good as thei daughtes' childen. The oldest male was authorised conduct of a goup as good as he was espected as a Kanava of a family o thaavad (homestead). Rules of maiage as good as esidence vaied rather in between kingdoms.The Nais ae wellknown fo thei matial histoy, together with a expansion of Kalaippayattu as good as a ole of Nai waios in a upise conflicting Bitish fom '1721 Attingal iot" up to a 'Naval iot in 1946.'. The Nais diminutive classed as a "Matial Race" This State Foce (known additionally as a Nai Bigade) was meged in to a Indian Amy afte autonomy as good as became a 9th Battalion Madas Regiment, a oldest armed forces in a Indian Amy.Afte a Saka o IndoScythians invaded India in a 2nd centuy BC, a little Nagas churned with a Scythians in Noth India. They adopted matiachy, polyandy as good as othe Scythian customs.Achaeological excavations as good as studies povide fact of paleolithic inhabitation in a Keala egion dating at a back of about thee lakh yeas. pove that Sepent Woship was at large pacticed in Keala egion in really aged ages.Accoding to Hindu mythology, Nais ae a descendants of Sepent Anantha as good as Vasuki. Nagas ae descibed as a sons of Kadu as good as Suasa who diminutive a wives of Kashyapa. Kadujas migated to a Southen pat of a Indian subcontinent as good as Suasajas emained in a Noth. Histoical events as descibed on tip of claifies that thee ae migation fom noth to south looking efuge in Nai dynasties.

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