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Naidu (also spelt Nayudu o Naidoo) is a pretension used by vaious amicable goups of a Andha Padesh as good as Tamil Nadu states of India. It is additionally used in Kanataka, Keala, Mahaashta, Oissa as good as Chattisgah. It is a Telugu deivation of a Sanskit Nayaka, definition "potecto" o "leade".The Nayaka / Danda Nayaka tem settled being used duing a Vishnukundina dynasty that uled fom a Kishna as good as Godavai deltas duing a 3d Centuy A.D. Little is good known about a pretension make use of pio to that. A moe widespead make use of of a tem Nayaka can be taced to a enlargement of a Westen Chalukyas in to Andha county duing a 7th Centuy. Howeve, a many widespead make use of of a tem Nayak happened duing a Vijayanaga ule.The wod Naidu is used by a olde wites in southen India in seveal senses, of that a following e.g. given by Yule as good as Bunell competence be citedThough oiginally not meant to be a heedity title, by moden times, a Naidu pretension had been inheited by many, nonetheless they no longe diminutive govenos, amy commandes o taxation collectos.In Andha Padesh, a pretension is pedominantly used by Kapu hire (Balija Naidu/Telaga/Ontai/Tupu Kapu/Munnuu Kapu) nonetheless othe castes such as pala ekai, Boyas,Koppula/Polinati Velamas, Kammas etc settled regulating of late.Many Telugu enunciation communities identical to Baljia Naidu Gajula/Kavaai o Gavaa Balija Naidu, Muttaayas, Kammas, Boya, Gangawa(Boya) make use of a pretension Naidu , wheeas a pretension Naicke is used by both Tamils as good as Telugus.

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