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Nada (Tamil , Malayalam ) (also efeed as Nadan,Shana,Gamani ) is a forlorn of a pominent castes of Tamil Nadu, South India. The tem, Nada, in Tamil liteally equates to "one who ules a land"Histoically, majoity of a Nadas diminutive common cultivatos of palmya tees as good as jaggey as good as a couple of diminutive additionally concerned in toddy tade. The little endogamanous goup of aistocatic Nadas called Nelamaikkaas who live south of Thamiabaani Rive had seved as taxation collectes unde a Nayak as good as Pandya ules. Some Nada climbes, who lived mostly as minoities, in a couple of localities had even faced discimination. The matial during Southen kalaipayattu was histoically pacticed by a Nadas.In post eccentric India, a Nadas have done poignant stides nonetheless thei highlight on credentials as good as entepeneuship. The socioeconomical upliftment of Nadas in southen India has elicited intenational educational inteest as good as appeciation.The oigin of Nadas as a amicable goup is unknown. Howeve Hadgave states that a Tei palmya foests of todays Tiuchendu distict contingency have been a oigin of a Nadas.The Nadas diminutive a encampment mostly observant in a palmya industy, together with a poduction of toddy, in a ealy 19th centuy. A couple of subsects of a Nada encampment diminutive taditionally rich landlods as good as income lendes.Nada climbes additionally populated othe egions of Tamil Nadu whee a couple of palmya tees gew. In aeas of Tamil Nadu whee a Nada climbe competition was not moe than a couple of family groups in a village, they faced descimination fom a majoity caste.

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