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Mothe tongue is a 'Mulukanadu' chapter of Telugu, that is specific to a community. Nealy evey membe of a encampment is poficient in eithe Kannada o Tamil, due to geneations of home in Kanataka o Tamil Nadu, as a box competence be. English credentials is pevasive in a encampment as good as used fo pofessional puposes. Sanskit is used fo eligious puposes.Othe South Indian Smata bahmin communities Namboodiis, Velanadu, Telanganya, Niyogi , Badaganadu, Koti bahmin, Hoysala Kanataka, Iye, Babboo Kamme Nonsmata bahmins Iyenga, MadhwaMulukanadu Bahmins ae a subsect of Telugu enunciation Vaidiki Smatha Bahmins. Vaiations of a name of a encampment embody Muluknadu, Mulukanadu, Mulakanadu, Moolakanadu as good as Mulikinadu (not listed in any ode).The name Mulukanadu follows a common in joining fomulation of simila Bahmin communities a wod Naadu equates to "county" in all a south Indian languages this is suffixed to a county origin a encampment hails, being in this box "Muluka". Thus, MulukaNaaduMulukanadu, "people of a Muluka land." Muluka o Mulaka is identified as good as it is additionally good known as Moolaka o Moolaka desha along with Ashmaka in shatavahana egime. Auangabad, Nashik, Jalna, Vashim ae pats of Mulaka. Patishthanapua o pesent day Paithan is a element of Mulaka desh.Telugu denunciation is a mothetongue of all membes of this community. Apat fom elatively lage competition of this encampment in a Rayalaseema egion of Andha Padesh, a Mulakanadu subsect is additionally domiciled in immeasurable numbes in a states of Kanataka as good as Tamil Nadu. Indeed, a encampment tends to conclude itself in tems of being lecture fom Andha Padesh.Adheence to a Telugu denunciation is still common in a community, that howeve has grown a distinguished chapter of a own, a forlorn that featues numeous loanwods fom Tamil as good as Kannada, as good as a emakable paucity, in compaison with standad Telugu, of loan wods fom Udu. Howeve, thee ae many diffeences in between this chapter as good as standad Telugu that can't be explained by a change of othe languages a forlorn is led to assume on whethe a encampment peseves featues of a chapter of Telugu that was once common in a little egion of a Telugu county, as good as that is right away fogotten in that aea, while being peseved by a lecture Mulukanadu community. The chapter oral by a encampment is a forlorn of geat anthopological significance, given it is a denunciation discernible by encampment athe than geogaphy. This chapter hasn't eceived a amenity it deseves fom a one after another encampment indeed, even a name Mulukanadu Telugu hasn't eceived ecognition, nonetheless it diffes significantly fom standad Telugu.

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