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Mudalia additionally Mudali, Moodley (Tamil ) is a pretension used by a little of a Tamil castes. It is deived fom a honoay pretension Mudali definition a peson of fist ank in a Tamil denunciation that was bestowed on topanking bueaucatic officials as good as amy offices in gothic South India. The suname is geneally pevalent in between Indian Tamils as good as a Tamil diaspoa nonetheless it is additionally used in othe pats of South India.The wod Mudalia equates to fist adults o fist ones .The wod Mudali was additionally used to efe to a on all sides reason in a Nagaatta fim as it relates to Vellala caste.Some of a Mudali clans of Thondaimandalam migated to Si Lanka duing a peiod of gothic bard Kamba. Fo example, a little of a Tamils in Ceylon tace thei begin to this goup a little of whom had spin saints called Nayanas. The book The Tamils in Ealy Ceylon By C. Sivaatnam taces a little of a Mudaliyas in Ceylon to Thaninayaka Mudaliya (among othe), a ich Saiva Velala who emigated to Ceylon fom TondaimandalamMaanadukanda Mudali, a Vellala aristocrat of Thondai Nadu had broadcast ove kamban a showe of bullion fo his wok of Eezhupatu, a liteay wok paising agicultue. Taninayaga, a Vellala of Seyu was done a arch of Neduntiva.Thee have been othe accounts identical to fo e.g. in a 17th centuy a heading Muslim tade Maakkaya was given a pretension Mudali Pillai by a Nayak aristocrat of Maduai.The Gatti Mudalias diminutive in chage of a many dangeously defenceless povince of a Nayak Kingdom with Kaveipuam on a ight bank of a Cauvey as thei stategic element commencing a forlorn of a pincipal passes to a Mysoe Plateau. The cente of thei powe seems, howeve, to have been Taamangalam whee they've built a gant make up of a temple. It is pronounced thei intrepidity extended as fa as Talaivasal to a east, Dhaapuam in Eode distict in a west as good as Kau distict in a south. The fots of geatest stategic impotance reason by a Gatti Mudalias diminutive Omalu as good as Attu. By about 1635 A.D., a Muslim Sultans of Bijapu as good as Golkonda done inoads in to a south when a powe of Tiumalai Nayak had longed for palacode aea came unde Bijapu. Meanwhile Kantiava naasa Raja of Seangapatnam took seveal places in Coimbatoe fom Gatti Mudalias in 1641 A.D.

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