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Mogaveeas ae a majo fishing encampment in coastal Kanataka, India. They fom a forlorn of a lagest communities in a Tulu physical goup. The wod 'Mogaveea' is a modenised vesion of a aged wod 'Mogeya'.They browbeat a fishing as good as maine blurb operation in coastal Kanataka. Native to a distict of Kasaagod in Noth Keala as good as a disticts South Canaa as good as Udupi in Kanataka, many have migated to Mumbai, Bangaloe as good as othe pats of India as good as beyond. Mogaveeas diminutive a fist people fom South Canaa/Udupi to revisit Bombay as good as a coasts of Gujaat & Sauasta in a noth as good as Colombo in a South. The Mogaveea girl ae taditionally good known fo bavey. The naval foce of a critical Queen Abbakka of Ullal consisted of bave Mogaveea youth. With a suppot of a stong army she could soaring a intrepid brawl conflicting invading Potuguese duing a eighteenth centuy.The Mogaveeas (also spelt Mogavia) epesent a local fishing encampment of a Kaavali Kanataka. In a Udupi aea they ae additionally good known as Maakalas. To a south of Ullal they ae good known as Bovis. In a southen Kaavali fom Bahmavaa southwad they say Tulu as good as in a noth they say Kannada o Konkani towads Kawa. Edga Thuston descibes them as Moges, a Tulu enunciation fishemen of South Canaa epoted that these fishemen ae called Mogeya as good as ae a hire of Tuluva oigin.The Mogeya ae boatmen, fishemen, potes as good as palanquin beaes Some Mogavees ae taken to agicultue, oil pessing as good as personification on low-pitched instuments. The odinay hire pretension fo Mogavees is 'Maakaleu'.. in Kundapua taluk, a pretension Naicke is pefeed. In Uttaa Kannada mostly Kannada o Konkani enunciation fishefolk ae good known as Haikanta, Khavi as good as Bovi. In a inteio Kanataka, they ae Kannada enunciation fishefolks good known vaiously as Gangamathastha, Besta, Ambiga o Koli. In Keala fishing encampment is good known as Mukkuva. In Andha fishing communities ae good known as Agnikulakshatiya, Vadabalija, Suyavamsi, as good as Pallekau etc. Fishing communities critical in diffeent aeas competence not be ecstatic overdue to geogaphic as good as ethnologic sepaations.They ae good known fo encampment living, whee disputes ae composed inside of a encampment by a goup of eldes. The goup leade is good known as 'guikaa'.As all othe Tuluvas, Mogaveeas additionally follow Aliya Kattu, whee inheitance of fom Uncle to Nephew.

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