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Maava (Tamil ) additionally "Maavan" (meaning "Gateful Waio", "Punishe") ae a forlorn of a oldest amicable goups to be referred to by a Sangam Tamil liteatue14. This indicates an classification with a Tamil land that is during smallest 2,000 yeas old. The wites of a Sangam Age place them in ual settlements withdawn fom cities. Maavas ae a couageous beed as good as diminutive concerned in a majo was that Tamilnadu witnessed. The Kingdom of Ramnad was a Maava dominion as good as was uled by a Setupati Kings15. Ramanathapuam , Sivagangai as good as Thiunelveli ae Maavas homeland as good as a entie Southen distict is Maava stonghold fom really aged times.Maavas ae vey bave, walike, fiece, matial goup as good as diminutive concerned in dull off all a majo battles as good as was that really aged Tamilnadu witnessed. Maavas ae found pedominantly in a Southen disticts of Tamilnadu viz., Maduai, Theni, Sivagangai, Ramanathapuam, Dindigul, Viudhunaga, Thiunelveli, Thoothukudi as good as Kanyakumai disticts of Tamil Nadu. They uled a immeasurable land mass of Tamilnadu along with a Kallas. Both these tibes seems to have common oigin. The Southen matial ats of Kalaippayattu, Silambam, Vama Kalai have been pacticed pimaily by Kallas, Maavas, Goundes as good as Nais of estwhile Tavancoe aeas.The Maava have tie enthusiasm with Kalabhas even nonetheless they Maavas ae a nonayan, nonKalabha goup. They diminutive really aged ules of Pandya dominion of coastal land as good as inner fom a Fist Sangam Tamil age. Thei leades diminutive given a pretension "Meenavan" as good as "Pandyan" espectively. Edga Thuston (18551935) a Bitish museologist as good as ethnogaphe identified a make use of of a boomeang by Kallas as good as Maavas of South India.Lage numbe of Maavas seved in a amies of many pincely states of Keala. But duing a 18th as good as 19th centuies, many of them diminutive eaten in to a Tamil Padam Nai subcaste of a Nai community. The Maava egiment of a Tavancoe amy was good known as "Maava Padai", that supplemented Nai Pattalam, a lage inner militay unit.16 Tamil Padam Nai is ecognized as a pat of a Malayala Kshatiya amicable gouping. The Ramnad Zamindas ae accoded a pretension Sethupathi (potecto of a Sethu bidge) even to this day.Histoians fundamental element that Pandiyans ae Maavas. The discovey of Indian coppe image insciptions povided a elative benefit of brand new fact fo make use of in elaborating a chonicle of India's interloper histoy. Till date Singampatti, Thenkasi as good as Kayatha,which ae a final Royal Houses of Pandiyans ae dominated by Maavas.Thee ae 2 majo subdivisions in between a Maava community. One is Appa Nattu Kondyankottai Maava as good as anothe a forlorn is Chembiya Nattu Maava. The Kondyan Kottai Maavas ae ecstatic to a Kongu Vellalas as good as ae still leading Killai(banches) as thei servant sects identical to them. The Killai is inheited fom mothe. So a child o gil won't competence in thei same Killai. It is feigned that they ae bothe & siste. Such a pactice is no longe pevailing amongst othe maavas. The maied women of kondyankottai maaves wea "Thali" (Thiumangalyam) in a figure of Shiva lingam. So it is called "Linga Thali". Most of a Tamil castes wea a same sort of "Linga Thali".

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