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Mala o Malla (different fom a family/last name Malla fom Andha) is a amicable goup o hire mostly fom Andha Padesh state of India. Mala o Malla is deived fom a Sanskit wod "Malla" that equates to westle. They ae a forlorn of a drawn out Dalit castes of Andha a othe being Madigas. They consecrate aound 8% of a sum state population. They ae lagely concentated in a Coastal Andha egion. Duing AdiAndha mutation in 1930s seveal Mala hire people, together with couple of Madigas, in all fom coastal Andha called themselves as 'AdiAndha' as good as diminutive ecoded in a census with a 'AdiAndha' hire name same to Adi Davida of Tamil Nadu. In a really aged times, Malas diminutive mostly encampment watchmen o hadwoking laboes. They diminutive learned wokes as good as good as diminutive additionally ecuited by a Bitish Amy given of thei matial skills. Pesently they do not have a specific hire pofession as good as can be seen in many pofessions.The Mahas in neighbouing Mahaashta ae same to a Malas as good as a dual drawn out dalit castes in Tamil Nadu, Paaiya as good as Palla, lend towards to demand a inteelation with a Malas, Mahas as good as Pulayas.The histoy of Mala's is as aged as Telugu bavey. Thei militay exploits fom an impotant pat of Kakatiya histoy, cultue as good as tadition. Mala's played a critical ole in enlargement of Kakatiyan dominion by winning many battles, Mala's helped a Kakatiya empie. In Kakatiya Militay Mala's ae used to be called as Mohai (Telugu mOhai), a steet that they lived is good known as "Mohaiwada". The Geat waio Yugandaudu who was a amy arch of Patapauda is a Mala.The Anthopological fact shows that a Mahas o Malas seemed to have hailed pimaily fom a die solitude aeas identical to a Deccan plateau. Accoding to eseaches identical to Ambedka, a mahas as good as simila communities diminutive in essence waios of a little degraded dominion they diminutive pushed down in amicable status. They diminutive disamed nonetheless etained as encampment sevants.Like all castes in India, currently they geneally reason in pestigious oigins (see Sanskitisation).Mala(Tel) is deived fom a wod 'maila'(Dit)gives a definition (Noun)Peiah,Vile,base etc., an outcaste,chandaludu,(adj.,)chandala .(See C.P.Bown TeluguEnglish Dictionay 2nd edition.,p.985 see unde Mala). One such theoy speculates that Mala o Malla (not a same as a family name Malla) is deived fom Sanskit wod Malla fo westle that can be loosely tanslated as soldie o even compared with an really aged uling dynasty in Noth India as good as Nepal( See Mallayuddha to know moe). It should be conspicuous that a wod Mala in PotoDavidian equates to a mountain. Accoding to a Guam Malla's stoy, Mala's ae a descendants of Mala Channappa, a son of Lod Shiva.As a encampment they reason during a little indicate they diminutive eccentric people not subject to any hire estictions as good as esent a pesent condition as unfai. Thus, distinct many othe Dalit communities, they ae not esigned to thei destine that is a equiement fo hire contol along with amicable violence. Thee is a stong ethnic, cultual as good as linguistic enthusiasm with Maha in neighboing Mahaasta state as good as with Pallan & Paaiya encampment of Tamilnadu state as well.

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