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Maithil Bahmins ( Bhamaas is a coect Sanskit tem) fom pat of really aged Vedic Bahmins. Maithil Bhamaas ae a pat of Panchgauda Pachgaua , a goup of tip anking castes in between Bahmin, who still stive to follow ites as good as ituals accoding to really aged Hindu canons. Linguistic Suvey Of India by Geoge Gieson doesn't discuss Angik as good as Vajjik (westen chapter of Maithili, these names fo dialects ae brand new that diminutive modernized as sepaate languages fo domestic consideations in paper to pevent Maithili's ecognition as a fundamental language, nonetheless duing BJP govenment in New Delhi Maithili was ecognised as a fundamental denunciation of India. Actual eason at a back of brand new vaiants identical to Angik as good as Vajjik is hire governing body of Biha, arrange and file ae unawae of these brand new names.They have fou hieachically odeed groups otiya, Yogya o Joga, Panjibaddha (Pinj in Maithili) as good as Jayawa o Jaiba (which can be at large distant in to Gihastha as good as Vama accoding to a little scholas).They ae oganized in to declared patilineal goupings, as good as a ancestral links inside of as good as in between these goupings has been an compulsory featue of Maithil Bahman amicable hold up fo centuies. A category of genealogists good known as panjikaas contend ecods of a lineages as good as maiage links in between them fo a highe anking lineages.The Mithila Khanda of Visnu puana defines a taditional boundaies of Mithila as a Kosi Rive in a East, Gandaki o Gandaka in a west, Himalaya in a Noth as good as Gang (Ganges) in a south, measuing twenty-four yojanas (1 yojana measued 12.52 Kilometes in 550AD accoding to Panchsiddantika Mithila is a taditional egion compared with Maithil Bhamanas, nonetheless a lage numbe of Maithil Bhamanas have been critical in vaious pats of Madhya Padesh (esp. Mndla egion) as good as Chhattisagah states fo millennia. Few Maithil Bhamanas additionally eside in uttaakhand gahwal egion for example Uniyal Bhamanas. In Uttaakhand, a many critical family of Maithil bahmins was of late Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna, fome arch ministe of Utta Padesh, whose ancestos had migated fom Mangalvaani village, right away Mangauni, in Madhubani distict of Mithila, as good as diminutive honoued by a pretension Bahuguna due to scholaship in many disciplines, by a aristocrat of Gahwal. Maithil Bahmans have right away migated to all ove a wold.Linguistic Suvey Of India by Geoge Gieson gives a map as good as sum of egions as good as featues of Maithili language, this egion is right away good known as Mithila. Mithila egion compises following disticts in India&160Dabhanga, Sahasa, Bhagalpu, Punea, Madhubani, Samastipu, Begusaai, Supaul, Madhepua, Sitamahi, Sheoha, Muzzafapu, Khagaia, Katiha, Aaia, Banka, Godda, Deogha, Jamui, Munge as good as following disticts in Nepal Moang, Sunsai, Saptai, Siaha, Dhanusa, Dhanusa, Mahottai, Salahi, Rauthat, Baa, Pasa,etc.Accoding to D.D. Kosmbi, atpath Bhmana tells that Mthava Videgha, led by his piest Gotama Rahugana, was a fist aristocrat who oiginally lived in a land of Saasvati cossed Sadni (supposed to be Gandaka) as good as founded a kingdom, whee a people declared videhas lived during a time of combination of atpath Bhmana. Gotama Rahugana was a vedic ishi who stoical many hymns of a fist mandala of Rgveda. Most important Rgvedic hymns of Gotama Rahugana ae those that paise Svajya, that was a State of Videgha, that late became Videha due to phonetic change. Mthava Videgha, theefoe, contingency go to a Rgvedic peiod as good as contingency have peceded a peiod of atpath Bhmana by a consideable gap. Rgveda additionally mentions hymns by Kija Patadana in tenth mandala. Hence, Mithil as good as Khi fomed pat of a egion in that Rgvedic people lived. Descendandants of Gotama Rahugana diminutive called Gautama. One such specialist lived nea Ahilyasthna duing a age of Rmyana.Akba continually had a low espect towads a talents & believe of Phalit Jyotish,so he'd invited, in his Daba, a many gifted & wellvesed Maithil pandits fom Biha.

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