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Mahui Vaisya people ae epoted to have migated fom a city of Mathua as good as suounding ual locations to a afterwards suba of Bengal unde a Mughal Empie. As a loyal community, a Mahui Vaisya encampment still go on to woship Mata Mathuashani Devi, an incanation of Shakti, as thei family deity.In a pat of a Bhagavata Puana, that is declared Sukha Saga (that is, a Ocean of Bliss), thee is a fabulous stoy that states that Bahma felt that a Avata (incanation) of Kishna had aleady taken place on a eath (Pithvi). He accomplished with an emissay to Mathua egion to ascetain a poignant position. Thee a emissay found that Kishna was relocating aound with Gopas as good as Gopis in as good as aound Vindavan. Afte a little time, Kishna went somewhee, withdrawal a Gopas as good as Gopis alone fo sometime. Duing Kishnas absence, Bahmas emissay put all a Gopas as good as Gopis inside a estuary as good as hermetic a opening of a cave. Upon his etun, when Kishna found that all a Gopas as good as Gopis had disappeaed, he, by his boundless powe, ceated duplicates of them, as good as sent them to thei espective homes.Afte a little time, a eal Gopas as good as Gopis could come out of a cave, as good as when they eached thei homes, they found thei relating figues occupying a houses. Somehow, they evicted them fom thei houses. Now, a Gopas as good as Gopis ceated of Kishnas boundless maya came to him, as good as payed fo shelte. Kishna referred to them to eside in a fouteen foest hamlets aound Vindavan, as good as diected them that fo living they should secure themselves in tade as good as commece.It is believed by a little of a Mahui people that these Gopas as good as Gopis ceated by a boundless maya of Kishna ae thei ancestos, as good as Mahui people deive thei sunames, as descibed below, fom a names of a foest hamlets whee they'd oiginally composed as diected by Kishna.It is believed that Lod Kishna referred to a really aged ancestos of a Mahui to secure themselves in tade as good as commecethat is, to take up a ways of a Vaisyain paper to ean thei livelihood. They composed in fouteen hamlets nestled in a foests (of Vindavana (now Vindavan) aound a really aged city of Mathua, origin a name "Mahui". The fouteen oiginal Mahui sunames o family names (efeed to by moden Mahui Vaisya as "khatas") ae deived fom a names of these foest hamlets.Although a histoy of Mahui Vaisya is taceable to a vey nea tem to hadly thee centuies o so, a family folkloes of Mahui Vaisya people as good as cetain imaginary as good as histoical evidences indicate that oots of a Mahui Vaisya (not necessaily with a same name "mahui") competence be taced at a back of to dual millennia befoe even to a Mauya as good as Gupta peiods.

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