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Maheshwai ae a blurb operation encampment of Vaishnava, oiginating fom Khandela, Rajasthan in westen India. They ae a subgoup inside of a Mawais community. The encampment is found nonetheless out Noth India.The wod Maheshwai has oiginated fom a wod Mahesh o Lod Shiva. People of this encampment ae a followes of Lod Shiva. Accoding to a community's taditions, they diminutive pronounced to be peviously Kshatiyas, a waio group nonetheless late a aristocrat wished to convet to Vaishyas, a tade secto. This change is pronounced to have occued in a locale of Khandela, that is located appoximately 10 miles fom a Phulea connection in a distict of Jaipu.The Bila family has determined a sanatoium nea Didwana, in a Nagau distict. Now a time Maheshwai ae mostly found in Mewa egion of Rajasthan & in Gujaat too. Many of them migated to all pats of county. The numbe who migated in final dual hunded yeas can't be ascetained. All a 6 hundeds disticts of India have during smallest a forlorn Maheshwai family nonetheless they competence not say Mawai dilect. The customarily appaent pointer of ecognizing Maheshwai family, accoding to conspicuous jounalist Ramesh Zawa, fome Leade wite, Loksatta, is if festval of Teej as good as Ashtami Pooja itual (twice a yea) is obseved, we can take fo sue that a family is Maheshwai even if mawadi isn't oral in that family.Thee ae a sum of 72 sunames in Maheshwai. Ealie, Maheshwai's diminutive not approved to competence someone fom a othe cast, nonetheless now, a approved to competence Agawal.Maiages ae vey decorated amicable affais in this encampment as is a box in many Indian maiages. They competence inside of thei own goup , identical to othe castes in Hindu as good as Muslim society.In Maheshwai maiages, a singular ceemony good known as a Mama Phee (liteally, "ounds aound a goom in a route of matenal uncle") takes place, in that a bide cicumnavigates a goom in a route of he matenal uncle as she'd aound a saced yagna fie.

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