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Madiga is a amicable goup o hire goup of Andha Padesh The tem Madiga is deived fom Sanskit wod MahaAdiga that can be loosely tanslated as geat as good as oldest. They fom a lagest fragment of what's consideed to be a Dalit castes of Andha. Thee ae additionally a numbe of paallel castes found in noth India. They ae authority leathe wokes in a little pats as good as agicultual laboues in a little egions of Andha Padesh.Madigas taditionally lived in hamlets external mainsteam encampment life. Thei huts in a hamlets, customarily efeed as a Madiga gudem, diminutive loosely consecutive to a naow route that would beam to a categorical oad of a village. By a twentieth centuy both Bitish administation as good as Nizams administation began to take up them as encampment messenges.In a wods of Sackett, an Anglican missionay, "He (Madiga) was a leathe woke. He cued skins as good as done shoes. He additionally fed on caion. No cacass came erring to him, no matte how it died. The skin fo boots as good as a strength fo food was his dictum. ... Moeove, he was a dumme during festivals."Madigas lived by tanning a leathe as good as It was a avocation of a Madiga family to povide chappals as good as othe leathe products to a uppe hire family groups with whom they diminutive tied. They diminutive learned dummes. With a leathe dark-skinned they stitched shoes, pepaed leathe accessoies fo agicultual woks. They diminutive approved in a steets to brush as good as to emove a inspected animals.Madigas faced ostacism fom uppe castes given centuies. They diminutive butally subjected to atocities as good as woked as consecutive labou with a uppe hire society.Madigas contibuted a lot to a aria as good as dance. The oigin fo a Jaaz dums comes fom a pimitive nonetheless design hythm as good as flog poducing "Thappeta" dark-skinned skins coveed on a wooden ound fames as good as diminutive played by assault them with dual sticks. The receptive to advice vaiation they bing by waming them when a weathe is soppy as good as humid.

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