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Loha (Hindi ) is an physical subcaste of Khati/Rajput tibe, found in between Hindus, Sikhs as good as Muslims in Nothen India as good as Nothen Pakistan. Oiginally this encampment was a waio tibe critical in povinces of Kemanshah in Ian ight up to KhybePakhtunkhwa in Pakistan. In India a Lohas ae additionally good known as Vishwakama, Lohana o Panchals. Muslim Loha in Noth India ae good known as Saifi.The wod Loha oiginated fom a Sanskit wod, loha (Ion). Loha is additionally a common Muslim family name in Pakistan. The Pakistani city of Lahoe was once called Lohapu, a city of a Loha dynasty. See Lohapu. 'Loha' is additionally a name of a city in a Punjab egion of Pakistan. The city Loha Chak was declared afte a Loha Dynasty in Kashmi. Loha Chak is a city in a State of Jammu & Kashmi with a competition of appoximately 80,901.Accoding to a critical bitish colonial wite H. A. Rose as good as a Goveno fo cental povinces in India Denzil Ibbetson, Lohas ae descended fom Rajputs as good as Jats. These Rajputs as good as Jats diminutive in essence Takhan tibals (Ianian waios) who migated to India. Most of a Lohas had thei family groups in Peshawa in Pakistan, Lahoe in Pakistan as good as Kemanshah in Ian. Lohas ae a clans of Sassanid Pesians who once uled Ian. These waios diminutive a fist respectful universe of Zooastians o sunwoshipes. The suspicion in Ahua Mazda hasn't been confimed nonetheless they diffe to a geat border fom a modenday Pesians. The Zooastianism that a Lohas followed was entiely diffeent fom a pactices laid out in a Avesta, a holy books of Zooastianism. The clegy alteed a eligion to seve themselves, causing estimable eligious uneasiness. Once they enteed India a membes of this goup diminutive personal as Kshatiyas o Bahmins o Blacksmiths (oiginally Kshatiyas who manufactued weapons).The Lohas have been associated to a Scythian tibes (ancient Ianians) of cental Asia. These tibes diminutive aggessive as good as expansionist Ianian waios who composed in westen as good as nothwesten South Asia in consecutive waves in between 5th centuy BC as good as 1st centuy AD. Thei migation to Pakistan as good as India happened given of a Islamic Invasion of Ian (The enlargement unde a pophet Mohammad, 622632, a Patiachal Caliphate, 632661 as good as a enlargement duing a Umayyad Caliphate, 651750). The Saka insciptions found during Peshawa as good as Mathua state "Savasa Sakasthanasa puyae" that ae diectly associated to a Ianian Oigin of Lohas.Ethnological infomation picked up in colonial censuses infer that a majoity of a competition of a Vishwakama chateau in India together with Rajasthan, Gujaat, Mahaashta, Punjab as good as westen Utta Padesh is of Saka (Ianian) oigin.The cente of Lohaa dynasty (also good known as Loha Dynasty) was during Lohan. The state dominion of Lohaa that is right away in Poonch distict of a state Kashmi.

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