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IndoAyan languages, pimaily Gujaati, Kutchi, Sindhi as good as Hindi. Also English in a UK, USA as good as Canada, Aabic in Afghanistan. Swahili is oral as a second denunciation by a little Lohanas in East Afica.Lohanas (Pesian , Gujaati Sindhi Hindi ) ae an IndoAyan physical goup as good as ae a Ranghuvanshi Kshatiya.In India, they especially eside in Gujaat, Mumbai as good as othe pats of a county. In a final 150 yeas, a little Lohanas have lived o do live in pats of Afica, such as Uganda as good as Kenya, as good as pats of a Westen wold, such as a U.K., Canada, as good as a U.S.Oiginally Lohanas (ponounced Luwanah) diminutive a pominent encampment of a tames of a populations that diminutive long by a suyavanshi Kshatiya Ove time, howeve, as a esult of trade as good as domestic exigencies, a majoity of Lohanas ae right away especially observant in mecantile occupations.Many of a lohanas due to being astray by Islamic missionaies (fom Sindh as good as Afghan egions) diminutive conveted to Sunni Hanafi Islam, they ae called Memons (Gujaati ).Descendants of Kush ae good known as Kushwaha. His younge son Luv was given a Noth (utta Kaushala) of his dominion (Refe&160Valmk Ramayan Utta Kand outing 107), that came to be, called Luvalka o Luv's land consisting of pesent day Lahoe (Pakistan) as it's Capital.Luv is potayed in a Ramayana as a geat waio. In a forlorn of a episodes of a Ramayana even nonetheless he's a mee child in a hemitage, he bings a entie amy of his fathe Lod Rama (unde a authority of his uncle Laxman) to a delay by a powess during achey (of couse along with his olde bothe Kush). His descendants as good diminutive ban in a same mould, nonetheless they diminutive not confident with Luvalka as good as pushed to a west as good as annexed today's Afghanistan as good as adjoining aeas.

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