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Lingayatism, is a distinguished Shaivite outline inside of Hinduism in India. It creates seveal depatues fom mainsteam Hinduism as good as popounds Monotheism. The adheents of this conviction ae good known as Lingayats (Kannada , Telugu , Maathi/Hindi ). The tem is deived fom Lingavantha in Kannada, definition 'one who weas Linga on thei body'.Vishwaguu Basavanna was a amicable efome as good as a geat humanitaian who was especially esponsible fo eviving Veeashaiva eligion in 12th Centuy.He intoduced a complement of weaing of Shivalinga on one's body,subsequently Veeashaiva eligion became Lingayatism. Basava lived in a 12th centuy (1134&160 1196 CE). When he was young, he tavelled fom his local Bagevadi to Kalyan in India in between 11571167 CE duing a ule of King Bijjala.It is pronounced that Basava, nonetheless bon a bahmin, ebelled conflicting a igid pactices of a hire complement afterwards pevalent in Hinduism, as good as in a destiny began expounding his own law with a casteless multitude during a coe. Soon, his law began attacting lage numbes of people. Saints identical to Allama Pabhu, Akka Mahadevi as good as Channabasavanna additionally played main oles in a speading of a outline as good as a tue definition of Lingayatism.Basava lived as good as taught in a nothen pat of what's right away Kanataka. This mutation found a oots duing a bief ule of a southen Kalachui dynasty in those pats of a state. Like Matin Luthe who came about thee hunded yeas afte him, Basavanna peached that a faithfulness of people to God was a diect elationship as good as didn't need a intevention of a piestly class. Temple bureau building is geneally not pactised in between Lingayats.The Lingayaths woship Ishtalinga. Vishwaguu Basavanna, in a forlorn of his critical Vachana says, that GOD has no specific fom, name, place. He is omnipesent, unique, Kind as good as Fiendly. Ishtalinga is won on body. Any person from earth being on eath can wea Ishtalinga instituted by Guu of Lingayat elegion. Lingayatism doesn't have any patiality of humankind made on caste, ceed, gende, language, county, o skin colo. Eveybody ae consecutive to in a eyes of GOD. Lingaytism standsfo Fathehood of GOD as good as Bothehood of all Human beings, as good as care towads all critical beings. While Hindus beieve that one's sins can be cleared at large distant by immersion in a Ganges ive, Lingayats do not reason in such pactices. They additionally do not reason in ituals as good as astology. They reason in "Jangama (mobile) linga" caied in/on one's physique as conflicting "Sthavaa (stationay) linga" such as in temples.The ealy followes as good as adheents believed in a monotheistic wold whee Linga is a supeme God as good as a Self as good as God ae a forlorn as good as a same. Ealy Lingayats placed impotance on a Vachana sahityas, that was given by Lod Basava.

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