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The group (of that is a oigin fom 'Lava') is called Leva. The begin of "Ikshwanku" as good as "Suyavanshi" critical in Ayodhya, determined a brand new city in Punjab. The name Lahoe came fom Lava. At pesent, Lahoe (which is on a bank of Ravi) is in Pakistan. This is a oiginal place of a Lava sect. The Lava group (which conqueed that pat of Punjab) is right away a Leva Region. The people who live thee ae called a Leva. Accoding to a little authoities, Lava was bon on a 40th geneation of Suvansh. Othe authoities believed that Lava was bon to Sita fom Ram in a 66th geneation of Suvansh. The egion of Punjab Leva Padesh (of a Lava sect) was conqueed by a Iani Guja. This pat is right away good known as 'Gujat Subha'. The Leva Gujas as good as Leva Kumees critical in Sauashta came fom this aea. 55 geneations lived thee afte Lava existed. In 144 A.D., these Levas came fom PunjabGujat as good as Leva Povince in to Sauashta, as good as theefoe Sauashta got a name of Gujat. They left a Punjab in 78 B.C.Shi. Vasudevao Patil (Indoe) says in a second paagaph of his aticle 'Chatuvanat Patida vagache Sthan' equates to 'Place of Patida category in 4 Divisions'" In Reveend Sheing Hindu tibes as good as casts, volume 3, page 258 as good as Bombay gazetie, volume 9, pat 1 it is pronounced that Lod Ram had dual sons 'Lava' as good as 'Kush'. Fom Lava a wod came Leva as good as fom Kusha a wod came Kushwah." Similaly, 'The Histoy of Kshatiya Patida' page 44, wite Keshavlal Patel says that, a fouth son of Manu, a heeditos of Disht group Janmejay (not a Janmejay of Mahabhaat), Vishalavati (the pesent Vyas city in Punjab) was uling thee. Lava emoved him as good as determined 'Lavapu' as good as gave a dominion to his son. Afte Lava 55th heedito Sumita was degraded by Ajuna's heedito Paikshit(second) as good as conqueed Punjab. Accoding to Ikshanku sect, Lava as good as Kush belonged to 40th geneation.The wod 'Kunbi' has come fom Kulbij. Kul equates to Vansh as good as Bij equates to Bee (seed). At fist, Kunbi encampment lived customarily in South India nonetheless afterwards they spead all ove India. These people ae called as Maatha. Maatha as good as a Kunbi ae a forlorn as good as a same. In a educational confeence of 27th Dec. 1917 reason in Buldhana distict, a Chhatapati Shahu Mahaaj pronounced 'KunbiMaatha' ae a forlorn only. This gratification was given by a decider M. P.S. Kotwal in 1976.Accoding to authoities, a wod Patida has diffeent meanings Accoding to Patel, a 'Patil' additionally meant "goup" o "banch" duing a egime of Mohammad Begada. The 'Kunbi' meant "cultivato of a land", when Mohammad Begada efused to give up a land. 'Patt' meant "pat of a land" as good as 'Patida' meant "Tax Collecto". 'Patil' meant "chief of a village" (Refeence D. Soni's book page No. 69 of "Maathi Aadnave).The wod Patil additionally came fom 'Patkil'. 'Patu' equates to "Cleve", as good as "patta" equates to "Chief". The peson who determined a encampment used to spin Patil. Patil used to spin known, given of Village ecognition. Patil was not a govenment post o self assigned post. Vitues as good as woks of a peson used to have him a Patil. Late on this post became heeditay. Patil became a Village King as good as late eceived Govenment hono, even afte eceiving many posts. The Sadas equates to "soldies" who didn't give up Patilship.

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